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Requisition ID:  64672 

Job Function/Category:  Craftworkers 

Employment Type:  Non-Exempt Full Time 

This is an exciting time to be joining PSEG. Our commitments, which include safety, integrity, customer focus, and diversity & inclusion, are the fabric of our culture and help drive the success of our business. We are fortunate to have an outstanding workforce of diverse and highly skilled talent who move us forward in our operational excellence journey.  PSEG has more than 12,000 employees who are dedicated to the communities we serve and embody our vision: People providing Safe, Reliable, Economic and Greener Energy.


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As the employee becomes qualified through acquired experience and training performs the work required in the construction, operation, maintenance, and removal of transmission and distribution lines on wood poles, including work on iron poles, isolated towers and mats or vaults, which may be energized but not above 13-kV primary distribution voltage. Check general operation of assigned vehicle and associated equipment.

Job Duties & Responsibilities

Duties are:

  • After satisfactory completion of the Apprentice Line School, performs work on de-energized lines and assists Linemen/Linewomen on energized secondary lines.
  • After satisfactory completion of Hot Secondary Line School, performs work on lines energized at secondary level voltages.
  • After satisfactory completion of 4-kV and 13-kV Line School, performs work on lines energized at primary level voltages as Primary Assist.
  • Install, remove and maintain poles, crossarms, guy wires, and line hardware.
  • Install, sag, remove and maintain line conductors including splicing, tapping, and the making of dead ends; install, remove and maintain messengers; install and remove aerial cables and cable laterals on poles.
  • Install, remove, and change transformers with associated devices and equipment including pole top wiring.
  • Install, remove, maintain in field, and operate line sectionalizing switches or cutouts; install, remove, operate, inspect, and make minor repairs to boosters, capacitors, and other special pole mounted equipment.
  • Install, remove and maintain street lighting and accessory equipment including pole top wiring.
  • Trim trees.
  • Install and remove protective equipment, including temporary protective grounds on conductors.
  • Make complete inspections of construction performing such work as tighten hardware, tie in conductors, and change insulators and pins.
  • Make voltage and load tests on energized distribution circuits or equipment. 
  • Locate faults on 13 and 26 kV transmission and on distribution circuits, including associated equipment.
  • Under the supervision of an engineer or supervisor, make special tests on distribution equipment and phase-out or parallel distribution circuits and equipment.
  • Perform any work required on isolated towers, install, remove and maintain distribution, 13 and 26 kV conductors and accessories on tower lines. 
  • Connect and disconnect 13 and 26 kV energized transmission taps by means of hot line tools.
  • Transfer construction, change insulators, crossarms, pins, and make other similar repairs on energized 13 and 26 kv single pole line transmission circuits by means of hot line tools. (This duty applies to the work performed by the Camden Area linemen/linewomen.)
  • Perform other similar or less skilled work of the occupational group. 
  • Once fully qualified with an additional 18 months of experience may serve as Troubleshooter. 
  • Prepare poles for, install, and remove transformers with associated devices and equipment including pole-top wiring; make load tests on the secondary side of distribution transformers. 
  • Install ground wires and ground wire moulding. 
  • Replace secondary fuses on poles or on customers installations.
  • Install, remove, change and read single phase or network meters up to a maximum of eight at any single location other than a water heater or demand meter in connection with the installation, energizing or replacement of a service. Remove meters in accordance with past practice.
  • Assist fully qualified Lineman/Linewoman, for training purposes
  • Recondition and salvage material and equipment related to this work.
  • Perform other similar or less skilled work of the occupational group.
Job Qualifications


Must meet the Company's "General Requirements"; and in addition:  

  • Must be able to perform maintenance and repair work safely and without causing interruption to service.  
  • Must have the ability to acquire a good practical knowledge of the purpose and functioning of the overhead transmission and distribution system, and the electrical apparatus used in connection therewith; and a general knowledge of the layout of transmission and distribution circuits in the area in which he/she works.  
  • Must have the ability to become familiar with the procedure and rules governing the ordering out, tagging and releasing of circuits and the Company's system of circuit designation for identification.  
  • Must have the ability to acquire a good working knowledge of the Company's overhead line construction methods and practices.  
  • Must have the ability to become proficient in the application of pole top resuscitation, and other approved methods of artificial respiration.  
  • Must be alert in avoiding accidents and observing hazards. 
  • Must be able to acquire a general knowledge of the purpose and functioning of the transmission and distribution system, and the electrical apparatus and circuit connections involved in the work.  
  • Must be able to acquire a good working knowledge of the standard overhead line construction practices as outlined in the Company's manuals and handbooks, including the safety rules and practices as set forth therein.  
  • Must have successfully completed the line portion of the pre-employment test, except that an employee hired prior to May 1, 1980 who has or obtains a high school diploma or its equivalent does not have to complete the pre-employment test.  
  • Must be able to follow instructions and perform routine operations.  
  • Must have mechanical aptitude.  
  • Must have the physical characteristics to enable him/her to climb and work on structures and poles.  
  • Must have the ability to learn:  
    • The reading of construction prints and the making of simple field sketches.  
    • The application of hoists, tackle, and knots used in line construction and maintenance work and the care of tools commonly used in line construction and maintenance work.  
    • The identification and use of all material, tools, and equipment commonly used on line work.   
  • Must be able to qualify for a Commercial Drivers License “A” to operate motor vehicles in the State of New Jersey.
Education High School


As an employee of PSE&G or PSEG Long Island, you should be aware that during storm restoration efforts, you may be required to perform functions outside of your routine duties and on a schedule that may be different from normal operations.

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Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) is an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to a policy of non-discrimination in employment, including the hiring process, based on any legal protected characteristic. Legally protected characteristics included, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law in locations where PSEG employs individuals.

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$41,000.00 - 90,000.00
per Year
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