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Terus Construction Ltd. is a diversified construction company that delivers road building, earth moving, site preparation, aggregates & ready mix materials and other services throughout British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. Terus Construction Ltd. is a subsidiary of ColasCanada Inc., a leading national road builder with subsidiaries in Western Canada, Ontario and Quebec. Being part of the Colas group of Companies provides impressive resources and technical expertise enabling Terus Construction Ltd. to access unique high technical and major construction projects.

A concrete mixer truck driver delivers concrete and other cement-based mixtures to industrial, commercial and residential construction job sites.


Skill Requirements

A person with this job must be able to safely operate the truck and its auxiliary equipment such as levers, chutes and mixing drums. When picking up the materials to be loaded into the mixer, the driver must be able to manipulate the drum under the hoppers that dispense the cement, gravel, sand and water into it. He/she has to understand the mixing procedure and adjust the speeds on the mixer accordingly. The driver must know what materials should be in the blend and check the work order to ensure he/she is picking up the appropriate mixture.


Job Duties

This position requires the driver to make deliveries on time, as other construction crews are depending on his/her punctuality to keep the project on schedule. He/She must be agile and self-confident in operating the levers and chutes to properly and evenly dispense the mixture into the prepared frame or opening. The maintenance of the truck is also his/her responsibility. He/She may regularly spray the truck and mixer exteriors with a non-stick agent to prevent concrete build up or wash them after each delivery to remove concrete spills and splashes.


Working Conditions

The environments in which a concrete mixer truck driver work are generally dusty and dirty. The dry materials he/she picks up create a dusty atmosphere. The job sites are typically in various stages of construction and full of dirt, mud, gravel and construction equipment and materials. The driver must be strong and in good physical condition to safely operate the truck’s equipment and properly clean the truck. A valid driver’s license and clean driving record are required for this job.


Educational Requirements

A high school diploma or equivalent is required to qualify for this job. Knowledge of trucks and mixing equipment is considered a plus for applicants. Demonstrated mechanical abilities utilized in past jobs are helpful.

Terus Construction Ltd. offers opportunities for qualified people who want to grow in our high performance organization including competitive salary and benefits package, along with in house training, an incredible work environment, and career advancement opportunities.


Must be able to meet all safety requirements including pre-employment drug/alcohol testing.

We would like to thank all applicants for submitting their resume.  However only applicants selected to be interviewed will be contacted.

Salary Range
$42,000.00 - 50,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
Fernie, BC V1C 4H9, CA