Intern - Aviation

Background of Functional Area  Amway operates its aircraft fleet as a management tool to improve its abilitiy to compete in the worldwide marketplace.  The driving objective of aviation operations is to provide safe, efficient, available, and reliable air transportation. (Excerpt from Flight Operations Manual).


Project Description  Interns will work collaboratively with the pilot group to help develop an indoctrination training presentation for new-hire pilots


Candidate Development Exposure to the training process that pilots must complete, exposure to the various operational elements of a corporate pilot's job that go above and outside of just flying the airplane, development of skills by leading and coordinating a project while working with a large group of professional's with various backgrounds and levels of experience.


Desired Degree Junior or Senior completing Bachelor's Degree in Aviation. As part of their degree progress, candidates must have completed their Commercial Pilot's License prior to the start of the internship.


Desired Skills  Technical skills include Professional flying skills (Commercial Pilot's License), and experience with Microsoft Office. Candidates will also be skilled communicators and self-starters who are able to complete tasks assigned by deadlines while managing a varied scheduled.


*This is a summer 2019 internship; qualified candidates must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and one semester or more left of school to complete at the beginning of their internship. Candidates who have graduated are not eligible to intern. This position is located in Ada, Michigan.


** This position is not eligible for Sponsorship.


Full time
Ada, MI 49355, US