Apprentice Machinist

Job Title: Apprentice Machinist

Department / Company: Facilities Maintenance / Amway

Location: Ada


What’s special about this job:


The Amway Machine shop based in Ada, MI is responsible for machined components, CAD design, engineering and equipment rebuilds for the Facilities and Manufacturing divisions in North America. As an Apprentice Machinist on the team, you will be enrolled in an apprenticeship program to learn the tools and skills necessary to become a Journeyman Machinist. Throughout this program, you will assist Journeyman Machinists with shop duties including preventive maintenance, housekeeping, fabrication of parts utilizing milling machines, lathes, drill presses, saws, grinders, and other shop equipment. You will also due light fabrication of sheet metal and plastic parts, welding, forming and bending, reverse engineering using metrology equipment including a 3D laser scanner and other skill sets required to manufacture parts and assemblies. You will also support R&D projects with prototype components using CAD designed and 3D printing technology to make unique parts. Prior to starting the program, the Apprentice will agree to and then adhere to the Apprenticeship Terms and Conditions Standards.  The program includes completing 8,000 hours of on-the-job training, plus additional Related Technical Instruction (RTI) through a partnership with Grand Rapids Community College.  Upon successful completion of the Apprenticeship program, you will then be assigned to a shift in the Machine Shop.


How you would contribute to the role:


In this role, most of your hours worked will be on 1st shift (7:00 am to 3:30 pm) to attend classes in the evening.  Your duties will be assigned by a Group Leader or Journeyman.  You will keep a record of your work experience and training and will have it verified at the end of each week.  You will also attend and complete the required academic and on the job hours as outlined in the program.  This position will require flexibility for possible Monday through Saturday scheduling on any one of three shifts, with the department determining which days will comprise the 40 hour work week based upon production and scheduling demands.  Apprentices will not be paid for hours spent attending related instruction classes.


What skills and background will be important to be successful:

  • High School diploma with at least one year of Algebra, along with a valid driver’s license
  • Strong mechanical aptitude, good computer skills with Microsoft office experience in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, experience working with hand tools, metal working tools and Computer Numeric Controlled equipment.
  • Ability to understand and interpret blueprints, along with any prior experience as a Machinist is preferred.



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