Quality Assurance Specialist - PRN/Supplemental (University) Job


Position Title:

Quality Assurance Specialist


Reports to:

Director, Medical  Physics










MH- University









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Job Family:



Comp Analyst:

T. Turner



This job description is not to be construed as a complete listing of the duties and responsibilities that may be given to any employee.  The duties and responsibilities outlined in this position may be added to or changed when deemed appropriate and necessary by the person who is managerially responsible for this position. 



Performs data acquisition  for external beam treatments in radiation oncology and machine quality assurance. Performs tests in quality assurance instrumentation to assure proper functioning. Generates reports for machine and treatment specific tests. Communicates results from quality assurance tests. Models appropriate behavior as exemplified in MLH Mission, Vision and Values.


Education/Training & Experience:



Education/Formal Training

Work Experience




BA/BS in physics , nuclear engineering , medical physics  or closely related field.





Master’s degree in physics , nuclear engineering , medical physics  or closely related field.


Successful completion of Part I Certfification Exam administered by ABR in therapeutic medical physics.



Previous experience in operating LINAC of quality assurance instrumentation for radiation oncology of physics data acquisition.






  • Basic knowledge in recording and verify software and QA software for machine and radiotherapeutic  treatments .
  • Sound working knowledge of concepts, practices, and procedures related to quality assurance and  improvement.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the application of advanced quality tools and methodologies. 
  • Strong technical ability in basic business software such as Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.
  • Strong professional, organizational, and interpersonal skills to communicate findings in quality assurance.
  • Possesses good analytical and problem solving skills.  
  • Demonstrates a high level of organizational skills to manage complex data.
  • Ability to effectively organize multiple tasks and projects and maintain control of same.


Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Collaborates with medical staff and operational leadership to acquire  evidence-based quality assurance data and patient safety.
  • Ensures quality and performance improvement initiatives are aligned with  collected data , regulatory standards and healthcare best practices.
  • Coordinates and facilitates the use of statistical process tools and process improvement methodologies for continuous improvement in patient care and outcomes.
  • Effectively communicates information from measurement to the physicists and Director of Medical Physics.
  • Performs other job functions as assigned or requested.


Supervision Provided by this Position:

  • There are no lead or supervisory responsibilities assigned to this job.




Physical Demands/Conditions:

  • The physical activities of this position may include climbing, pushing, standing, hearing, walking, reaching, grasping, kneeling, stooping, and repetitive motion.
  • Must have good balance and coordination.
  • The physical requirements of this position are: light work - exerting up to 25 lbs. of force occasionally and/or up to 10 lbs. of force frequently.
  • The Associate is required to have close visual acuity to perform an activity, such as preparing and analyzing data and figures; transcribing; viewing a computer terminal; or extensive reading.
  • The conditions to which the Associate will be subject in this position: The Associate is not substantially exposed to adverse environmental conditions; job functions are typically performed under conditions such as those found in general office or administrative work.