Intern- Information Security & Risk

Background of Functional Area  The risk management team is responsible for assessing information security risks across the organization.  We have several processes for assessing information risk for example reviewing the controls within applications and systems, conducting vendor risk assessments, reviewing exceptions to our policy/standards and utilizing a data discovery tool to build an inventory of confidential data so we can identify our risks.  Once the risks are identified, the risk management team is responsible for notifying management of the risks so they can either mitigate or accept the risks.


Project Description          This project is working with our risk management team on data discovery, vendor risk assessments, and other risk related processes.


Candidate Development The candidate will learn about Amway’s information risk management programs. In addition, the individual will gain knowledge on how to use a data discovery tool in a diverse and changing environment, knowledge gained about vendor risk assessments and the process our global team is performing assessments, global team collaboration by working with risk management team members from across the Amway globe.


Desired Degree Bachelor or Masters Degree in Computer Science or Information Security.


Desired Skills      Background in information security and how data should be protected.  For example: knowledge of ways of how to protect critical data like using proper password management, data classification, firewalls, anti-malware/phishing techniques, Wi-Fi safety, prevention around identity theft & social engineering and technology knowledge/background on a variety of platforms, operating systems and application development.


*This is a summer 2019 internship; qualified candidates must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and one semester or more left of school to complete at the beginning of their internship. Candidates who have graduated are not eligible to intern. This position is located in Ada, Michigan.


** This position is not eligible for Sponsorship.

Full time
Ada, MI 49355, US