The TT/CC maintains constant monitoring of electrocardiogram and SPO2 monitoring for designated patients for the assigned unit throughout the entire shift, recognizing changes in electrocardiogram and informing RN’s of changes. The Telemetry Technician/Clerical Coordinator (TT/CC) is responsible for creating a Patient Centered Care environment using the Own it Declarations for the clinical unit. The

TT/CC works as a part of the patient care team to maintain organization within the clinical station, answering telephones and patient call lights promptly, greeting and assisting patients, hospital visitors and members of the healthcare team. The TT/CC performs some clerical functions including organizing the clinical station as well as monitoring electronic orders for STAT and ASAP CPOE orders, verified orders and assists with follow-up notification as needed.


Essential Functions:

  • Independently identifies cardiac rhythm and documents ECG measurements.
  • Promotes patient safety by ensuring monitor alarms are kept on with the appropriate alarm limits.
  • Immediately identifies abnormal ECG rhythms and changes in rhythms and validates findings with appropriate parties.
  • Independently identifies cardiac rhythm and documents alarming ECG measurements.
  • Identifies and communicates to RN changes in respiratory status on cardiac monitor: increased / decreased respiratory rate, decreased oxygen saturation and apnea alarms.
  • Promotes patient safety by ensuring monitor alarms are kept on with the appropriate alarm limits as directed by RN.
  • Immediately identifies abnormal ECG rhythms, changes in rhythms, and blood pressure outside of set parameters communicating and validating findings to the RN.
  • Maintains and updates pertinent patient information on the cardiac monitoring station and TCC log sheet
  • (Medical Record Number and individual alarm parameters).
  • Answers all incoming phone calls.
  • Communicates alarm situations and unexpected changes in ECG and SPO2 monitoring to RN and documents TCC log sheet and where pertinent on the cardiac monitoring station.
  • Performs other department quality audits as assigned.
  • Identifies appropriate lead selection and can initiate electrode placement, including skin prep, as needed.
  • Maintains and checks monitoring equipment daily. Reports repairs as needed.
  • Maintains all reports, chart forms, instructions in patient charts. Also responsible for checking charts and the thinning of charts.
  • Ensures accurate and timely completion of forms to expedite patient care.
  • Maintains and updates pertinent patient information on computer systems, communication venues and with appropriate departments in a timely manner.
  • Organizes and incorporates multiple tasks and skills with a high level of accuracy and efficiency.
  • Routinely checks and orders supplies, following-up to ensure stock is available to meet the needs of the unit
  • and informing appropriate personnel if items are unattainable.
  • Expedites STAT orders and immediate post-op orders, prioritizing accordingly.
  • Answers incoming phone calls/call lights promptly and courteously, relaying messages in a timely manner to the appropriate care giver.
  • Greets all Patient Visitors.
  • Directs ancillary staff who arrive on the unit for patient pick up.
  • “Go-To” Resource for all physicians, NP’s, PA’s and RN’s.
  • Completes shift inventory of all ECG transceivers/tele-boxes.
  • Consistently communicates and collaborates with the patient care team for patient needs, location and any issues, prioritizing the needs.
  • Notifies nurses in a timely manner of patients going off unit, assures that appropriate forms are prepared and in the chart and obtains appropriate diagnostic data for patient records.
  • Has the ability to use advanced features of SCM and serves as a resource to the Healthcare Team.
  • Is designated to provide ongoing first-line support for workflow education/review, and trouble-shooting, to fellow clinicians even during non-activation times
  • Considered a Leader and/or a Unit Facilitator that is responsible and owns keeping clinical staff updated on both workflow and system changes.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Job Requirements:

  • High school graduate or equivalent
  • Completion of basic arrhythmia course and successfully passed ECG test
  • Demonstrates effective communication, interpersonal skills, knowledge of proper body mechanics, safety measures and infection control, ability to follow instructions

Job Preferences:

  • Recent experience as a Telemetry Technician/CC, preferably in an acute healthcare environment
  • Completion of a Clerical Coordinator course including medical terminology
  • Knowledge of section specific test information and instrumentation