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Program Manager, Leadership Development - 12 M

Program Manager, Leadership Development - 12 M JobID: 55647 Position Type: Closing Date:
10/20/2018 Business Professionals/Leadership Development Date Posted:
8/13/2018 Department:
Leadership Development Date Available:
08/20/2018 Location:Area:Job Category: Leadership DevelopmentNortheast Business Professionals Job Code:Contract Type:Months: None12 Salary Minimum:Salary Maximum: $58,954$78,115
  • Program Manager, Leadership Development - TR0085
POSITION TITLE: Program Manager, Leadership Development


Job Code: TR0085



Job Family – Training

JOB SUMMARY: The Program Manager, Leadership Development manages and monitors the successful completion of the training and implementation of leadership development programs, projects, and initiatives for district leadership positions including: teacher leaders, first-time principals, first-time assistant principals, aspiring principals, veteran principals, mentors and central office staff.


List most important duties first
  1. Manages the design and implementation of district-wide leadership training programs for administrators, aspiring administrators, veteran administrators, mentors, and teachers. Provides feedback to support growth and development.
  2. Provides leadership and expertise in the design and development of new projects/initiatives. Monitors effectiveness, establishes quantifiable and measurable outcomes to support program/department goals.
  3. Leads internal development teams. Manages department academic trainers in research, writing, publication, and facilitation of training modules.
  4. Coordinates curriculum implementation (online and face-to-face), site selection, equipment and resource procurement needed to implement programs.
  5. Analyzes and evaluates program effectiveness based on stated program goals and outcomes. Formulates appropriate accountability procedures. Provides written evaluation of program performance at the completion of or during each program.
  6. Interfaces with, cultivates, and manages day-to-day relationships with cohorts, other departments, principals, administrative offices, colleges, and universities to accomplish program goals.
  7. Performs other job-related duties as assigned.
EDUCATION: Master's Degree

WORK EXPERIENCE: 5 to 7 years


LEADERSHIP RESPONSIBILITIES: Work Leadership. Regularly provides project management or team leadership to a group of two or more employees, but does not have formal supervisory responsibility. Leading and directing typically involves monitoring work and providing guidance on escalated issues. Most of the work time is spent performing many of the same duties they are leading.

WORK COMPLEXITY/INDEPENDENT JUDGMENT: Work is substantially complex, varied and regularly requires the selection and application of technical and detailed guidelines. Independent judgment is required to identify, select, and apply the most appropriate methods as well as interpret precedent. Position regularly makes recommendations to management on areas of significance to the department. Supervision received typically consists of providing direction on the more complex projects and new job duties and priorities.

BUDGET AUTHORITY: Specifies requirements for a plan and/or budget.

PROBLEM SOLVING: Decisions are made on both routine and non-routine matters with some latitude, but are still subject to approval. Job is occasionally expected to recommend new solutions to problems and improve existing methods or generate new ideas.

IMPACT OF DECISIONS: Decisions have moderate impact to the facility/department or division, causing increased satisfaction or dissatisfaction; producing efficiencies or delays; promoting or inhibiting personal intellectual or professional development; and/or contributing to financial gain or expense. Errors may be serious, usually not subject to direct verification or check, causing losses such as improper cost calculations, overpayment or improper utilization of labor, materials or equipment. Effect usually confined to the organization itself and is short term.

COMMUNICATION/INTERACTIONS: Negotiate and influence - interprets department strategies and services, resolves conflicts, influences outcomes on matters of significance for the division, conducts final negotiations and coordinates approvals/decision making below the executive level. Interactions are typically with customers and Top Management.

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS: Regularly assesses and diffuses complex, and escalated customer issues. Takes personal responsibility and accountability for solving systemic customer service problems. Regularly explores alternative and creative solutions to meeting the needs of the customer within HISD's policies and guidelines.

WORKING/ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: Work is normally performed in a typical interior work environment which does not subject the employee to any hazardous or unpleasant elements. Ability to carry and/or lift less than 15 pounds.