Seasonal Labor



Decatur, AL


The Seasonal Laborer performs various support tasks in all areas of the plant as well as timely completion of material runs and shipments to customers. This position is responsible for the completion and execution of OLP (Offline Packaging) checklist, safety checklist and required new hire training testing. A successful candidate is a self-motivated multi-tasker that utilizes a strong work ethic to ensure all quality levels are met.


  • Assists RFT’s in completing several production tasks in all areas of the plant (may perform one or all of the following tasks: basic packaging, inspecting, skid building, lift inspection, weighing, crane and tow motor operations).
  • Performs timely completion of material runs and shipments to customers.
  • Performs housekeeping duties as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Desired Experience

  • Ability to follow instruction accurately
  • Ability to read tape measure in increments to the nearest 1/16”
  • Ability to operate hand tools
  • Can read and interpret packaging specs as they apply to material in manufacturing process
  • Understands hazard communication and control of hazardous energy procedures
  • Can operate forklift and crane
  • Flexible and able to fill in at any packaging position
  • Depending on plant may require ability to build skids
  • Understands plant safety requirements and performs job within company safety standards/policies
  • Standard safety training
  • Good understanding of safety training and procedures manuals
  • Forklift and crane license
  • Must have valid driver’s license
  • Required OSHA safety training



Company Information

We are dedicated to the belief that people are our most important asset. In filling job openings every effort is expended to find candidates within Worthington, its divisions or subsidiaries. Employee development, opportunity to grow and continuing to evolve both as an employee and as a company are instrumental to our success. We encourage employees to inquire about open positions and apply to those that help further their career goals.  

Worthington Industries Inc., and its subsidiaries, is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered regardless of race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, disability or veteran’s status.


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