Lifeguards and Pool Managers

Dayton Pool Management is now hiring for the 2018 summer. We have jobs available at a number of different swimming pools throughout the Dayton area. We are hiring for full-time and part time positions. Lifeguards are responsible for enforcing pool rules, responding to emergencies and diligently applying specialized observation techniques. Secondary duties include chemical testing of pool water, vacuuming and cleaning of the pool, completing daily report forms, ensuring safe and clean facilities, and In-service training to maintain lifeguarding skills. They are contracted to work a minimum of 20-40 hours per week. If you are not already certified, we are able to help you get your certification. Head Lifeguards are the staple of an aquatic facility. They typically work at one, single- guarded, pool during the season and are contracted to work a minimum of 30 hours per week. Pool Managers facilitate the day-to-day management of a multi-guard aquatic facility. They must be at least eighteen years of age by May 26, 2018 and are contracted to work 35-40 hours a week. Starting pay $9 Area Managers oversee a geographic area of aquatic facilities and their staff, including pool attendants, lifeguards, head lifeguard, and pool managers. They must be at least eighteen years of age by May 26, 2018, have a driver's license, and are contracted to work between 35-40 hours per week, including a minimum of two nights per week. $10-11 an hour
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