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The 9 Worst Jobs of 2013

Aaron Gouveia

Aaron Gouveia, contributing writer

“My job is the WORST!”

How many times have you or your friends said that? Usually it’s uttered in a moment of frustration or annoyance when everything seems to be going wrong at work. But for the employees who work in the fields included on this list, it very well might be the truth. (more…)

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10 IT Jobs to Check Out If You Like Taking Risks

When it comes to IT, you probably think about being in a comfortable environment to work in.  However, there are some jobs where this is not the case.  The following infographic shares 10 IT jobs that involve taking risks. (more…)

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HR Manager Listed Among Best Jobs in 2012

As the job market continues to improve, you might wonder which jobs are doing well.  Find out some of the best (and worst) jobs in 2012, according to one source.


Professions that provide us with our news – Newspaper Reporter and Broadcaster – ranked among the worst jobs in the nation, according to the new 2012 Jobs Rated Report. Lumberjacks, who work on the hottest and coldest days in a highly dangerous occupation with a low salary and a history of high unemployment, were rated as having the worst job in the nation. (more…)