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Posted October 08, 2013 by

Women Searching for Entry Level Jobs, Do What You Love and Get What’s Yours

When searching for entry level jobs, women (as well as men) should do what makes them happy, while getting fairly compensated for it.  The following post encourages women to find their passion and learn how to profit from the skills they possess.

There are many reports of how women and men differ when it comes to asking for what they deserve in the job market, and it’s often said that we women accept less than what we’re worth. But why? Some might say we’re simply less aggressive than men when it comes to negotiating

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Posted September 20, 2013 by

How Should Mothers and Single Women with Entry Level Jobs and Other Positions Be Treated in the Workplace?

I am sure women in the workplace feel they have enough competition with men, but is there now an issue involving just women?  According to one article, there may be an issue with the treatment of mothers versus single ladies.  So for the women out there with entry level jobs and other positions, the following post has more information you may be interested in.

Recentreports in Australia and the UK have shed light on an issue that many global working women face: Do women with children get preferential treatment in the workplace? Some women say yes, citing discriminatory practices in cases of requested leave and sympathy from employers—a disparity when it comes to gaining approval for vacation or early leave

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