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Didn’t Land a New Job in 2014? Correct These Mistakes for the New Year

If you did not get an entry level job or other position of employment this year, then chances are your job search was missing something.  What could you have done wrong that turned employers off from you as a job candidate?  What could you have done differently that would have left them with a more favorable impression of you?  That is what you need to figure out going into the new year.  Here are some mistakes that may have kept you from getting hired in 2014. (more…)

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Applying for an Entry Level Job? How Your Resume Can Pass the 7 Second Test

If you are applying for an entry level job, make sure your resume can pass the seven second test.  Learn how it can in the following post.

Depending on who you listen to, it is widely believed that an applicant has between 6 and 10 seconds to impress the resume reader – the recruiter. Here, then, is my version of the 7-second test… and exactly what I look for, step-by-step, when I glance at a resume – and determine

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Looking for an Entry Level Job in the Nonprofit Sector? Some Opportunities to Consider

If you are looking for an entry level job in the nonprofit sector, the following post has some opportunities that you might want to consider.

If you’re searching for an entry-level job but aren’t sure what type of nonprofit you’d like to work at, browsing what’s available can give you a good sense of what’s out there. Just perform a basic search for jobs in your area,…

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Why Your Resume for an Entry Level Job is Falling Short of Interest

If you are wondering why your resume for an entry level job is not drawing responses from recruiters and employers, the following post offers one very good reason.

We hear it all the time… “The economy still sucks. I’ve sent 50 applications and haven’t gotten one call.” In many industries and some locations in the US, it is true: the economy still sucks. However, the cold-hard truth is that if you’ve sent 50+ applications and have generated no interest in you as a potential employee…

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What Does it Take to Land an Entry Level Job in Marketing?

Marketing students and graduates, learn how to land an entry level job in marketing in the following post.

However, despite the increased competition, getting an entry-level marketing job can be easier obtained than many believe it to be. Below, you’ll find a guide to assist in procuring the right position quickly and effectively.

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How to Find a Mentor for Your Entry Level Job Search

If you believe you need some guidance as you search for an entry level job, consider getting a mentor.  How can you find one?  Learn more in the following post.

“Mentors and sponsors aren’t just handed down to you. You have to ask for it.” That’s good advice from Erica Dhawan, a leadership expert, Gen Y speaker, and advisor to Fortune 500 companies. Most important, she says, is that when finding a mentor, you need to make like the Nike slogan and

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Applying for an Entry Level Job? 5 Tips When Choosing the Format and Font for Your Resume

It is true that the content of your resume is important, but that doesn’t mean its appearance should not be considered when applying for an entry level job.  In the following post, learn five tips to help you choose your resume’s format and font.

There are so many things that you have to pay attention to with your resume. Is it error-free? Do you sell yourself enough? Should you keep that job in that doesn’t really fit because it fills a gap, or remove it? Objective or no objective? With all of those concerns, you probably aren’t


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Veteran Skills to Job Act Sails through Congress

CollegeRecruiter.comThe following post focuses on legislation designed to help our nation’s veterans transition more easily into the workforce.

Introduced on March 7, 2012, by Representative Jeff Denham (R-CA), the Veterans Skills to Job Act directs the head of each Federal department and agency to treat relevant military training as sufficient to satisfy training or certification requirements for Federal licenses, which includes licensing in aerospace, communications, energy, and maritime. (Many states already practice this.) The Act passed the House and the Senate early in July and was signed by the President on July 23.


Veteran Skills to Job Act Sails through Congress

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G.I. Jobs Releases List of 2013 Top 100 Military-Friendly Employers

CollegeRecruiter.comAttention, transitioning military veterans searching for new jobs!  The following post lists some employers who may be interested in hiring you.

G.I. Jobs released its official list of the Top 100 Military-Friendly Employers(MFE) on Thursday, November 8. And the list runs the gamut from CSX,  a major railroad company headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, whose trains you may see riding the rails in your town to Hormel,  a major food manufacturer based in Minnesota that supports Fisher House Foundation and Wounded Warrior Project.

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G.I. Jobs Releases List of 2013 Top 100 Military-Friendly Employers