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Posted January 14, 2014 by

Millennials, Pursuing Entry Level Jobs? Remember These 8 Career Tips Along the Way

As millennials search for entry level jobs, they should remember eight career tips found in the following post.

I recently hit the one year mark of my current job position. Having only held short internship roles, then shorter-term rotational roles, this was a big milestone for me. This was also a good time to reflect on some of the career lessons learned from the past year. What worked?


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Posted November 06, 2013 by

Young Professionals, How to Handle Criticism on Your Entry Level Jobs

While most, if not all, workers don’t like criticism, it is something we all face at some point in our careers.  Young professionals should know how to handle criticism in their entry level jobs not only to learn from mistakes, but also to move forward in their careers.  Learn more in the following post.

No matter who you are and no matter your job, no one likes to get criticized. However, it’s an unfortunate reality that you will face criticism at work. Criticism takes many forms and has many purposes, most of which you can’t control. What you can control, however, is how you respond to it. Will you be cool

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Posted October 30, 2013 by

Didn’t Get the Entry Level Job, Internship, or Something Else You Wanted? How to Handle Rejection

Rejection isn’t always easy to take, whether it’s about an entry level job, an internship, or something else you really wanted.  However, do not let a minor setback get in your way.  The following post shares tips on handling rejection to help you bounce back to find success.

Featured: Featured In my new book, Welcome To The Real World, which comes out April 2014, I have a whole section about rejection and how to deal with it. Rejection is the biggest fear that young people have about the workplace. And it make sense – in the media, we don’t usually read about people’s failures

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