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Posted June 24, 2014 by

Tempted to Ask about an Entry Level Job or Something Else When Networking? What You Should Do First

When networking, you might be tempted to think about yourself first, such as asking about an entry level job.  However, remember that you should also consider the other person too.  In the following post, learn what you should do first before making a request.

At some point, every job seeker has heard how important it is to network, but only a few have been told how. So most ask far more than they give. And anyone who is constantly asking runs the risk of being called an ‘ask-hole’. Networking is not about ask-ask-give


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Posted December 21, 2012 by

Four Steps to Enhance your Employer Brand with Job Seekers

CollegeRecruiter.comEmployers, how would you describe your company brand?  Potential employees likely want to know this information before making a decision to apply with your organization.  If you’re not sure, the following post has four steps to guide you in defining your brand.

When it comes to an organization’s employment brand, companies typically fall into one of 4 categories:

1.) The known: Employees understand and embrace the company culture, and job seekers are also familiar with that culture.

2.) The undiscovered: Employees understand and embrace the company culture but job seekers are unfamiliar with that culture.

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Four Steps to Enhance your Employer Brand with Job Seekers