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Posted September 19, 2014 by

Recruiters in the Army Looking to Give New Career Field to Cyber Workers

If you’re looking to go into the Army and want to do cyber work, then recruiters are looking for you.  Learn about the new career field that may be established for these workers in the following post.

Ronald Pontius, the deputy to the commander of Army Cyber Command, said over the next few years the Army will give cyber workers their own career field, preliminarily known as Career Field 17.

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Posted September 04, 2014 by

Recent College Graduates, The Benefits of Getting to Know These Office Assistants on Your Jobs

For recent college graduates with jobs, there are benefits of getting to know these office assistants.  Find out who they are and why you should network with them in the following post.

High-performing professionals know their careers will be defined by the relationships they build. You go to lunches, have a drink at happy hour and meet for coffee. Maybe you’ve even tried an online networking event. These are all great ways to build your professional network. But you may be overlooking one important and powerful person. It’s surprising

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Posted August 20, 2014 by

What Recruiters Look for in Great (Not Good) Resumes

In order for recruiters to consider your resume great and not just good, they must notice certain things about it.  Find out what they are in the following post.

I’ve seen a lot of résumés. And I know the person who wrote it probably worked hard to create or update that résumé. Fact is, most of those resumes are good. In today’s market, however, “good” isn’t good enough anymore. We must take your résumé from good… to great! Here’s how…

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Posted July 18, 2014 by

Tips from Recruiters for a Successful Interview

If you’re about to interview for a job, get some tips from recruiters from an infographic in the following post.

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of different career advice out there. Even we at YouTern are occasionally (well, okay… often) confused by all the contradictory advice from career centers, blogs, so-called “experts” and especially those workforce veterans who seem to think they know everything there is to know about finding

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Posted April 24, 2014 by

How to Choose the Entry Level Job that is Right for You

Just because you might really need an entry level job, that doesn’t mean you should accept just any position.  In the following post, learn how to choose the right job for you.

You want a job… need a job. But landing a bad job with the wrong employer will be a waste of time, bad for your career… and you could find yourself back in the job market too soon…

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Posted April 03, 2014 by

Using Social Media to Search for Recent College Graduate Jobs? How to Prepare for Social Recruiting

If you’re on social media attempting to find recent college graduate jobs, the following post shares advice on how to prepare for social recruiting.

Recruiting candidates isn’t what it used to be… and we don’t meet generations ago. We’re talking over the course of the past few years. Employers now use “social recruiting” as a major component of their hiring strategy. What is it? Social recruiting is what companies and recruiters do when they

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Posted February 21, 2014 by

Want to Make Networking a Little Easier for Recent Graduate Jobs? Tips for Your Next Career Event

If you’re about to attend a networking event to learn more about recent graduate jobs, the following post has some tips to make this opportunity a little easier.

When you hear the work “networking”, do you get a sudden tightness in your stomach? If so, that’s a pretty standard reaction. I’ve attended many networking events in my professional life, and I’ve realized… they can be a lot of work! But, with just a bit of planning ahead of time,

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Posted February 21, 2014 by

Are You Twitter Searching Jobs for Recent College Graduates? Improve Use of SEO

If you’re currently searching jobs for recent college graduates on Twitter, improving your use of SEO could boost your chances of finding employment.  Learn how in the following post.

Recruiters and potential employers search Google for job candidates… and Google loves Twitter. So, by leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) techniques in Twitter, you can make it easier for recruiters to find you! When someone searches on the job title you want, your profession or industry (and also your name) you want to

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Posted February 04, 2014 by

Use Keywords in Social Media Profiles When Searching for Entry Level Jobs

How much do you focus on keywords when searching online for entry level jobs?  If you have not been doing so in your social media profiles, the following post shares three ways to make them more effective for your job search.

Your social profiles – especially LinkedIn – is like a permanent billboard placed on the Internet’s highway; it is visible, day and night, to employers shopping around for great job candidates. What many job seekers overlook, however, is the need to include the best possible keywords for their career and next job…

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Posted December 18, 2013 by

Applied for Recent Graduate Jobs? Don’t Forget to Follow Up

If it has been some time since you applied for recent graduate jobs, make sure to follow up.  This may help you stand out from other applicants.  Learn more in the following post.

I’ve heard this phrase many times throughout my life: “Do what you said you’ll do, when you said you were going to do it.” Over the past couple of years, I’ve pondered this advice further as I meet more job seekers ready for the workforce. Now, this advice applies to everyone

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