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Posted August 27, 2014 by

College Students, Need to Overcome Some Issues When Writing Your Resumes for Jobs? 9 Tips to Tackle Challenges

When writing resumes for jobs, college students might face certain challenges.  In order to overcome them, the following post has nine tips that can make a difference.

Every job seeker has some kind of past issue, no exceptions. Sometimes called “elephants in the room,” hiring professionals know where to look; they know how to uncover the truth. This is how they can eliminate a candidate in seconds. And this is why even “perfect” resumes sometimes don’t result in a job


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Posted November 06, 2013 by

Entry Level Job Seeker, To Apply or Not to Apply? That is the Question

When you find an entry level job opportunity, you may not be sure if you are completely qualified for it.  However, the following post has tips to help you decide whether to apply or not to apply.

You’re looking for a new job, and you discover an amazing opportunity. The job looks like a great fit with your career direction and you want to be part of the team. One thing is holding you back, though: you don’t think you’re qualified. What if your skills, experience, or education don’t align with the job description? Is it worth

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