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Posted February 16, 2012 by

Average Employee Wastes 12% of Day On Facebook, Twitter

DeskTime clock iconA direct correlation between tracking employee time and an increase in productivity has been observed after analyzing data about how people typically spend their time at work. This information was compiled by DeskTime through its analysis of over one million of work hours.

The study shows that the average employee will spend 12 percent of the working day using what DeskTime considered to be the unproductive applications of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.. This amounts to 65 hours a month, which have not been used productively. Only 59 percent of the day is spent using applications, which DeskTime deemed to be  productive.

The data demonstrated that after a month of using a time tracking system and sharing that data with the employees, the productivity of those employees increased by 15 percent. The statistics also showed that the typical employee used a high number of different desktop applications, web sites, and other applications. That indicates that they did a lot of link-jumping at work. Though this may be a good indicator for, for example public relations employees, it might not be the best result for, say, programmers.

In summary, the results of the analysis demonstrate that access to employee time tracking statistics are beneficial both for employees to self-manage an increase in their own productivity, as well as for managers to understand the working habits of their employees.