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Posted August 15, 2014 by

College Graduates, Not Achieving the Success You Want on Your Jobs? 5 Mistakes that are Hurting You

Certain mistakes on their jobs can cause college graduates not to achieve the success they want.  In the following post, learn five mistakes that are hurting them at work.

You can be bad at something because you make errors, because you aren’t cut out for the task the way your employer needs you to be. Or maybe you’re simply not as good as your co-workers, who can also turn into your competition. In short, if you’re slipping at work, there could be a few


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Posted October 30, 2013 by

Millennials Moving Towards Creating Their Own Entry Level Jobs by Becoming Entrepreneurs

College graduates, would you prefer getting entry level jobs as entrepreneurs or working for someone else?  If your choice is the former, then you are part of a growing shift in the job search.  Learn more from an infographic in the following post.

Millennials entered the workforce just in time. Just in time for one of the most competitive job markets in recent history, that is. At the same time, they entered the workforce just in time to to make their own career path, independent from the thought of “lifetime employment” and chasing some gold watch. This infographic from Rasmussen

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Posted June 04, 2013 by

Managing Young Employees with Entry Level Jobs

Are you in a position of authority, managing young workers with entry level jobs?  If so, the following post offers some ways that could help you handle this situation.

Thought “the boss” would be older, grayer and heavier than you? Think again. It turns out that Gen Yers are increasingly being managed by… each other, according to Manager 3.0: A Millennial’s Guide to Rewriting the Rules of Management. This guide explains how the whole world of work is changing as more of us find ourselves managing our peers

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How to Survive at Work When You’re Managing Your Gen Y Peers