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Posted February 16, 2015 by

Want a Job after Graduation? 5 College Courses You Shouldn’t Miss

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Cindy Bates

Despite the fact that we all have our particular degree requirements during our respective times at college, it is always helpful to be anticipating skills that are marketable in the workforce. Aside from offering the chance to take sunrise yoga as an activity course, this stipulation in the design of college degree programs exists to also allow students to vary their interests and their skill set in order to be more desirable as a new piece of meat in the job market. Yet, there are those college courses that everyone should take—not only to make oneself more attractive to a possible employer, but also to gain life skills that are essential to functioning in life: (more…)

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Recent College Graduates, Haven’t Heard Back about the Jobs You Applied for? 7 Rules for Following Up

Recent college graduates who have applied for jobs can become impatient if they feel it’s taking too long to hear back from employers.  In the following post, learn how they can follow up by applying these seven rules.

Proper follow up is an integral piece of your job search, and how you execute can make or break your chances at snagging an interview, or even an offer. And while we live in the digital age where immediate information at our fingertips is the norm, it’s not quite the way the hiring process works.

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College Students, 7 Soft Skills that Can Help You Land Jobs in Today’s Job Market

College students can boost their chances of landing jobs in today’s job market by possessing these seven soft skills found in the following post.

What skills employers will come to value most as we move away from Industrial Age thinking, and dive even deeper into the Social Age? What soft skills no one even talked about five years ago must we must we pay attention to as we strive to compete well in the job market

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Looking for Recent College Graduate Jobs? Be Specific

In order to find recent college graduate jobs, job seekers must be specific about what they want so that potential employers know if they can fill their specific needs.  Learn more in the following post.

Imagine this posting appearing on Craigslist or the classifieds: “For sale: a mode of transportation to get you to work every day. Reasonably priced, environmentally friendly, and gets great mileage.” Not likely. And employers operate the same way when they have a job to fill…

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Career Services Not Responsible Alone for Grads Unprepared to Find Entry Level Jobs

Who is at fault for college graduates not being prepared to find entry level jobs?  According to the following post, it’s not career services alone.

Want to join the angry mobs blaming Career Services for our unemployable graduates? Think they are the only ones at fault for those that will exit the stage in May with a diploma, but without a clue? You just may have it wrong; you may be waving that judgmental finger in the wrong direction

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Are You Really Employable When Searching for Recent College Graduate Jobs? 4 Reasons Recruiters Might Not Think You Are

As you’re searching for recent college graduate jobs, will recruiters see you as employable?  The following post shares four reasons why recruiters might not think you are.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve talked to over 100 college students about their careers. Most of them – despite a slightly better economy and for reasons we all understand – remain scared to death about their pending entrance into the workforce. During these conversations, it became clear that the anxiety isn’t because they’re afraid to enter

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Posted December 26, 2013 by

Uncomfortable Networking About Jobs for Recent College Graduates? Find a Style that Works for You

While networking about jobs for recent college graduates might seem scary at first, it can become easier if you find a style of interaction that best suits your comfort level.  Learn more in the following post.

I admit it: I really hate networking. The mediocre speakers, the waiting in line with a bunch of strangers to get an ugly laminated nametag, the surprise “sell” at the end, the crummy food, the awkward standing around wondering what everyone else is thinking, the forced mingling…

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Your Education Helped You Land an Entry Level Job. Now Learn 15 Tips to Land a Master’s Degree for Life

Recent graduates, no matter what degree you earned in college, you hope it will help to find your first entry level job.  However, learning doesn’t have to stop there.  In the following post, learn 15 tips to land a master’s degree for life.

The Millennial generation? Maybe we should be called the “Master’s” generation. A story by Nick Anderson in The Washington Post describes how young professionals are funneling into colleges and universities at a record pace for advanced diplomas. In the report, Anderson says that from 2000 to 2012, the number of master’s degrees rose 63 percent. “A plain ol’


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Posted August 14, 2013 by

Do You Want Personal Relationships to Benefit You Professionally on Your Entry Level Job? Tips that can Help

If you have an entry level job or another position and need some advice on getting your personal contacts to become clients for your business, the following post offers some helpful tips.

Guest blog by Heather Townsend, co-author of ‘How to make partner and still have a life’ and author of ‘FT Guide To Business Networking’, and guest blogger for Whenever I run networking workshops for accountants, I am normally asked this question; “how do I start to have business conversations

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Fill Entry Level Job Openings Using Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

Employers who are having trouble finding the best candidates for entry level job openings should consider using social media.  The following post shares how employees can assist their superiors in achieving this goal.

In any major endeavor, 80 percent of the work is done by 20 percent of the people—a concept introduced by Malcolm Gladwell in The Tipping Point. So if you want a trend to really take off, you need to reach a small group of people who will influence and connect with

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How Recruiters Should Leverage Social Networks to Find the Right Hires