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Posted July 20, 2012 by

98% of Americans Don’t Trust Online Information

With this very high percentage of American people who are uncertain of what they find online, what does this say about the Internet?

Mancx, the trusted community for business answers, recently announced the findings of its online survey of over 1,900 American adults who look for answers online conducted by Harris Interactive in late June 2012.  The survey, which was drafted based on Mancx’s experience in the global knowledge market, found that nearly every online American adult (98%) who looks for information online finds reasons to distrust the information they find, including:

  • Too many ads – 59%
  • Outdated information – 56%
  • Information is self-promotional – 53%
  • Unfamiliar forums – 45% (more…)
Posted March 15, 2012 by

Wasting Time at Work 2012

A Facebook status update here, a Tweet there and maybe you find that perfect dinner recipe on Pinterest. In this day and age most jobs require a computer, most computers have the Internet and distractions to workers are plentiful. But how much time do employees waste on visiting personal websites that aren’t work-related during the day? And on a more philosophical note, should that really be considered a “waste” of time?

We surveyed more than 3,200 people from February to March 2012 to find out. (more…)

Posted January 09, 2007 by

Conducting Your Entry Level Job Search

In conducting my entry level job search, I’ve found many sources of job listings and ways to find potential jobs. Some methods have worked well for me and others not so well, but here are some of what’s worked for me.
The Internet is a great resource for your entry level job searches, with ways to connect to an endless number of job listings. Even the local newspaper will more than likely post their job listings online in order to reach a wider audience. If there’s a company that you’re really interested in working for, why not check out their website and find out what they’re hiring for right now?
Finding a good temp agency could also prove to be a great way to get your foot in the door. Not only do you get to try out the company on a temporary basis, but if you end up liking the job and the people you work with and if they like you back, you’ve got a much better chance of finding a full-time position that you’re qualified for than some unknown job applicant applying for the same position in the company.
Joining a professional group or association could be another great way to help your entry level job search along. You know when your job counselor told you it was all about networking, well, she was right. So many jobs never ever even make it to the public listings and end up being filled from within the company or through a connection. You could get lucky by being open about the fact that you’re out there looking for a job and being open to meeting new people.