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5 Rookie Mistakes People Make in Their First Job–and How to Prevent Them

Vicky Oliver

Vicky Oliver

A new study found that 2014 college grads face a challenging job market–and may end up having to take a low-quality job to start. (Here’s the link.) But whether or not a starter job ever leads to a dream job, there are some basic, informal rules of behavior that every new employee should try to master, and some mistakes it just makes sense to try and avoid.

Here are some classic rookie mistakes to avoid and the solutions. (more…)

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Getting Your Foot in the Door with Temp Work

Sometimes finding the job you want requires that you take unorthodox methods to get there. More and more people are finding this out as the economy dries up and competition for employment gets stiffer.
This is why, for many, temporary work is a great route to take to get their foot in the door. It might work for you too. But before you sign on with a temp agency, take a look at some ways you can use it to your benefit.
Test Out or Cement Career Options
Whether you’re looking to acquire your first job in the field you hope to work in, or you’re simply looking for your first field, taking on a temp job can help you achieve your goal. It gives you the opportunity to test the waters at different companies, look at their organizational cultures, and decide which jobs suite your professional preferences.
Even better, if you secure a temp job and find you are interested in moving forward in the company, you can make connections to get your foot in the door if a position opens. Since they already know your work ethic and capabilities, they will be more likely to hire you than a complete stranger. This gives you the opportunity to bypass the hoops other employees had to jump through to get their jobs.

Get Experience Along the Way

In the world of temping, you may find yourself working a job here and one there, with some lasting six days, and others lasting six months. But no matter how long you work at an employer, you still have an opportunity to test out different organizational cultures. Even more, you have the opportunity to gain experience that you can take with you to the next job.
But what experience can you gain? Well, for example, if you work temporarily as a secretary, you will gain experience organizing documents, managing files, answering phones and much more that you can take with you if you decide to apply for a permanent job. It’s actually similar to receiving paid training – and nothing is better than that. Essentially, the more temp jobs you work, the more experience you gain, until eventually, you will have a full list of skills to note on your resume.
Take Advantage of All Fields and Professional Levels
Depending on what temp agency you approach, you will find that temporary work is not just available for entry-level jobs. There are some that specialize in placing senior managers and executives into companies. Then there are temp agencies like Enterprise Medical Services that place medical doctors and other healthcare professionals into hospitals, clinics, and other facilities on a temporary or sometimes permanent basis. You’ll see by exploring the temping world that the opportunities can be plentiful no matter your field or professional level. You simply need to be open to all opportunities that arise.
Being a temp worker can seem to take you down a road to nowhere. But on the contrary, it can be a very beneficial experience. So if you’re looking for a job, don’t be shy about joining one. You might find that your next temp job could lead you to the career you’ve been dreaming of.
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