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Searching for Recent Graduate Jobs in a Big City? What Grads Need to Know

Grads, have you thought about moving to a big city to find employment?  If you’re searching for recent graduate jobs in a big city, the following post has information you should know.

Featured: Featured I know that many of you just graduated and are thinking of moving to a new city. And it’s scary — I know! It can be frustrating because often times you have to live in a big city in order to secure a job offer in that city — TRICKY and FRUSTRATING. Here are some tips to help

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Help! I’m Scared To Move To A Big City Before Securing A Job

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Is Temp to Perm Still a Good Strategy?

The following guest post by Susan Kenndy will help keep job seekers up-to-date with what’s going on in temp agencies
You hear it everywhere… get a temp job and it may turn into a permanent position. Good idea, right?? After all, it gives you the opportunity to really see what the company is like and how the employees are treated. And, it lets the company see you in action. So why isn’t everyone doing it?
Well, almost everyone is, or trying to. A local temp agency told me the other day that they were “saturated” with candidates who are all trying to do the same thing. It’s a tough market out there and there is a lot of available and experienced talent trying to do the same thing. And although about half of their college grad candidates are able to go from “temp to perm”, this agency offered up some specific ideas to help.

  • First, do whatever the agency asks of you, no matter how short term or menial it may be, to the best of your ability. Once you get positive feedback from the company, the recruiter, who only has about 10 minutes to fell a slot, is more likely to call you back for better assignments.
  • You need to have a top notch resume and make a positive impression on everyone you meet and work with. Employers want to see some part time work experience and a strong work ethic. They want to know you are competent and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • Finally, be patient. If there is an opportunity to become a permanent employee, it will most likely not happen right away. Most employers have to pay a finder’s fee to the temp agency if they hire you within a specific time frame so that will have an impact on any decisions they make.

Going from temp to perm is still a good strategy but it now takes more effort and patience.
Article by, Susan Kennedy, career counselor for college graduates and young professionals