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Posted September 03, 2014 by

Interviewing for Jobs as a Recent Graduate and Want to Play Up Your Travel Experience? Skills You Should Highlight

If you’re a recent graduate interviewing for jobs and believe your travel experience can help you, the following post shares some skills you should talk about.

You’ve just returned from a big trip abroad. Maybe it was the post-graduation backpacking trip you always dreamed of, or maybe it was the career break you desperately needed. But now you’re back in the real world. And you need a job. You’ve lined up some interviews, but are

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Posted July 30, 2014 by

Recruiters, Could Big Data Represent a Whole New World for Recruiting?

As recruiters constantly search for the best candidates available to fill job openings, the process of recruiting may become easier thanks to big data.  Learn more in the following post.

Can you imagine a world where you don’t have to sift through piles of resumes? Where a small list of qualified candidates lands on your desk, waiting for you to make the final hiring decision? With the growth of big data, this isn’t some futuristic fantasy — it may soon become your reality. A recent Mashable article calls big data

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Posted July 18, 2014 by

College Graduates, Do You Ask People About Their Jobs When Meeting Them? Ask Questions Like These

College graduates who are networking for jobs should think about asking these questions in the following post when meeting people for the first time.

When you meet someone, what are the first questions you ask? Probably what their name is, where they’re from, and what they do. But is “What do you do?” a good question to ask anymore? Why are we so focused on what someone does for a living — and in today’s job-hopping society, does it even

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Posted June 05, 2014 by

Looking for the Best Applicants to Fill Jobs for College Graduates? Try this Strategy

In order to find the best applicants to fill jobs for college graduates, employers should consider one strategy in the following post.

Ramit Sethi, the mastermind behind I Will Teach You To Be Rich, is hiring a copywriter — but that’s not what’s notable. The interesting part is that applicants must complete a writing test to even be considered for the position. In Sethi’s words, “This test will cover your ability to compile existing IWT material into engaging and useful articles and

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