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Posted May 21, 2014 by

Do Your Interviews for Entry Level Jobs Consist of Unique Questions? Here is Why

During interviews for entry level jobs, you may be asked some unique questions that don’t necessary relate to the job you’ve applied for.  If you’re wondering why, the following post explains.

You may have heard some of the strange questions top employers ask candidates during job interviews. And when you hear these questions, you most likely think, “What do these questions have to do with your ability to be a Social Media Manager… or an Accountant?” The simple answer, of course,

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Posted October 15, 2013 by

Landed One Entry Level Job? How Many More Will You Have in The New Economy?

While Gen Y may be focusing on just landing one entry level job, they could end up working many more during their careers.  In the following post, learn the problems that may exist from The New Economy, as well as tips for young professionals to adapt to it.

Last night on #InternPro Twitter chat, we had a very interesting – and for many, a scary – conversation… about jobs and careers. Specifically, we discussed how many jobs the average Millennial will have in what everybody likes to call, “The New Economy”. Admittedly, I am not really good at math

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Posted July 31, 2013 by

You’ve Landed an Entry Level Job! How to Succeed at the Next Level of Your Career

Perhaps, you are a recent college graduate and/or had an internship, and now have landed an entry level job.  So, how can you make a great first impression?  The following post has tips to help you succeed at the next level of your career.

This week, NFL players are in full swing at training camp, and by July 27th, all teams will be busy evaluating players and prepping to get the top spot in the league come Super Bowl. As players get into rigorous exercises and testing, it’s only natural for me to think, in terms of career, how professionals can take a

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Career Training Camp: Are You Prepared for Your Next Season?