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Posted September 16, 2014 by

Recent Graduate, Want to Get Social When Searching for Jobs? 6 Reasons to Create a LinkedIn Profile

If you are a recent graduate searching for jobs without much success, then it may be time to go social with your job search.  Learn six reasons to create your own LinkedIn profile in the following post.

Today, LinkedIn and your resume go together like peanut butter and jelly – universally accepted as a good thing, a standard even. Yet, I still get asked all the time: Do I really need a profile on LinkedIn? Here are 6 reasons why you should be on LinkedIn, and if you already are, why you should continuously update

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Posted September 10, 2014 by

Recent College Graduates, Haven’t Heard Back about the Jobs You Applied for? 7 Rules for Following Up

Recent college graduates who have applied for jobs can become impatient if they feel it’s taking too long to hear back from employers.  In the following post, learn how they can follow up by applying these seven rules.

Proper follow up is an integral piece of your job search, and how you execute can make or break your chances at snagging an interview, or even an offer. And while we live in the digital age where immediate information at our fingertips is the norm, it’s not quite the way the hiring process works.

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Posted August 12, 2014 by

Are You a Recent Graduate Looking for Jobs? 4 Soft Skills to Help You Find Employment

While looking at different jobs, a recent graduate should work on developing these four soft skills in the following post that can help them find a new position.

We often think it’s the accomplishments, hands-on experience and hard-skills that ultimately win over hiring managers. And yes, those attributes weigh heavily in the decision making process. After all, they establish your professional foundation and ability to do the job. But how about those other personal aspects that have proven an asset in your career?


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Posted July 11, 2014 by

Want an Employer’s Attention as an Entry Level Job Candidate? Put Him or Her First

If you want an employer to pay attention to you as an entry level job candidate, the following post offers advice on how to approach your job search.

One of the biggest skills people are often lacking is also one of the ones we take most for granted: Good Communication. Because everyone is a “Strong Communicator” and has “stellar interpersonal skills”, right? Wrong.

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Posted June 10, 2014 by

Is a Resume or LinkedIn Better for Your Entry Level Job Search?

Most people would probably say that using a resume or LinkedIn for your entry level job search is a smart move, but is one actually better than the other?  Learn more about both in the following post.

At a recent social event, I was sharing “So what do you do?” pleasantries with a new friend. After hearing  about my line of work (crafting quality resumes), he went on to tell me how unfamiliar he was with the concept of updating a resume. So far in his career, he had never really had to utilize

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Posted June 03, 2014 by

Want to Show Creativity When Searching for Recent College Graduate Jobs? 3 Tips for Success

If you want to be creative in your search for recent college graduate jobs, there are three tips in the following post that could help you find success.

Once a week on Mashable, Tech Crunch or Huffington Post I read about someone’s creative promotional approach to marketing themselves as a job seeker. Whether it’s a funky infographic resume, a physical promotional package, or an innovative digital portfolio, many of them are legitimately cool and sometimes successful (like this one). Other, however, more closely

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Posted April 01, 2014 by

No Response When Emailing Your Resume for an Entry Level Job? 4 Reasons Why

So, you haven’t received any response when emailing your resume to apply for an entry level job.  The following post has four reasons why your resume may not be getting one.

If your resume delivery process is completely flawed, no one is going to read that shining gem of a resume in the first place. It’s like having a really great idea, but telling nobody about it, and then some other schmoe makes a million dollars because he knows a thing or two about basic

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Posted December 12, 2013 by

Are Your Previous Job Titles Relevant to the Entry Level Job You Want?

While your previous job titles might sound good, ask yourself if they are relevant to the entry level job you would like to have.  Learn more in the following post.

Job title inflation is rampant, and that’s not to say it’s wrong – I always encourage candidates to use verbiage that both accurately describes their role and contributions, but that also best speaks to the interests of the position. One thing they’re doing wrong is slapping a job title on

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Posted October 23, 2013 by

Do You Need Some Help Writing Winning Resumes for Entry Level Jobs? How to Do It Effectively

Candidates for entry level jobs may find it difficult to write resumes that effectively sell who they are as potential employees.  Why? Sometimes, we don’t like talking about ourselves that much.  However, this is one time when you should.  In the following post, learn how to write a winning resume for the job you want.

I had to update my own resume recently. It seemed like a joke, because as someone who does this full time on a professional level, you would think this would be a cinch. Not so. Here’s the thing: it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, to write objectively about yourself. We’re conditioned to hold biases and opinions around ourselves

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