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Five college admissions tips for the A-minus student

Jessica Millis

Jessica Millis

As an A-minus student you are still at the top of your game and riding above a great deal of other students. There is a temptation to think you fell just short of excellence, but it is possible to get very far with an A-minus average. Here are a few pieces of advice that you may use prior to creating your college admissions. (more…)

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The future of student enrollment – Five Predictions: #5

CollegeRecruiter.comThe following post offers the fifth prediction on how student enrollment will change in the future for colleges and universities.

Prediction # 5: Internationalization and globalization of education will continue.

– Universities want and need to diversify their student bodies to offer an education compatible with this era of globalization.

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The future of student enrollment – Five Predictions: #5

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American universities and their college admissions process are unique

CollegeRecruiter.comHave you ever thought about how different the college admission process is in another country in contrast to the U.S.?  The following post demonstrates the requirements of an American student and an international student.

We have developed a unique university and college system as well as a unique admissions process in the United States. This unique enrollment and application process appears arbitrary, opaque and difficult to master. As a result independent admissions counselors have become a critical intermediary in many countries, not to mention the United States. *For full disclosure, Lisa works as an independent admissions counselor.

One of us is American born and raised (Lisa) and the other came to the United States as an international graduate student (Michael). Our perspectives make for a rich and diverse history of experiencing American higher education.

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American universities and their college admissions process are unique