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Posted June 13, 2014 by

College Graduates, Trying to Find Jobs for Yourselves? What to Learn from America’s Top Employers

For college graduates looking to find jobs, they can learn from America’s top employers how to improve their job searches in the following post.

In what remains a tight market, what are the most effective ways to find good jobs ? What are the keys to winning the interview? And, once we are there, how do we get off to a good start? To help us answer these questions, Inc. magazine asked America’s fastest growing companies how they hire and retain their best

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Posted May 02, 2014 by

Can Hard Work Overcome the Importance of a Resume When Searching for Your Dream Entry Level Job?

As much as entry level job seekers hear about the importance of their resumes, can working hard at something overcome this part of the job search when going after your dream job?  Get one perspective in the following post.

Despite graduating at the top of my class, I found myself applying for countless jobs nowhere near where I thought I would be once I was the first in my family to obtain a college degree. Within three years, though, I went from working for ten dollars an hour in an admissions

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Posted April 21, 2014 by

Network Building in Your Search for Entry Level Jobs? Provide Value without Asking for Something in Return

If you want to build a network in your search for entry level jobs, the following post shares advice on how to provide value without asking for something in return.

Did you ever wonder if you were cut out for networking? That maybe you, and those you already know, might not be able to offer your network much in return for what you gain from them? I used to have the same feelings at times. So today we’ll discuss the secret


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Posted March 12, 2014 by

How to Love Networking for Your Entry Level Job Search

Initially, networking might sound scary to some of us, but the following post offers advice that could help you fall in love with this particular skill for your entry level job search.

Networking and blind dates are quite similar. This is especially true regarding the fear of rejection. Blind dates can be uncomfortable, they often feel forced, and everyone is trying to sell something (themselves). Networking events… are the same. I am going to help you overcome all of those crappy feelings and

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