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Posted May 12, 2014 by

Internship Finder, Want to Establish Yourself at Work? Tips to Help You Gain Respect

So, you’re an internship finder who wants to be respected in your new position.  Learn how to establish yourself at work in the following post.

In days gone by, after your internship you would not only how to make good coffee, you would be worthy of a top spot as a barista at any Starbucks. But that’s the internship stereotype of the past, when an internship was often regarded as a peon position… a person on

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Posted April 08, 2014 by

Starbucks Corporation Voted #39 in Best Places to Work Survey

Starbucks logoIt is important to most of us that we enjoy our work but difficult to know when you’re looking for a job whether we’ll be happier working for one employer versus another. A great way to know if an employer offers a great place to work is to ask the people who know the organizations best — their employees. For the past six years, Glassdoor has awarded its Employees’ Choice Awards to honor the 50 best places to work.  For 2014, the 39th best place to work was Starbucks Corporation. (more…)

Posted January 11, 2013 by

Twitter Giveaway of $10 Starbucks Card to Celebrate 100,000 Followers

Steven Rothberg on TwitterI currently have a grand total of 99,502 followers on Twitter, so to celebrate getting to 100,000 soon, I will give away a $10 Starbucks gift card tomorrow to a lucky follower to say thanks for listening to what I have to say on the social networking site.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed at least some of the mostly employment-related content that I tweet and hopefully also some of the occasional irreverent content that somehow make it into the feed. I suspect gremlins are at fault but that’s another story for another day. Maybe I’ll even tweet it out.

So enough about gremlins. Do like Starbucks? Is there one near you? Um, I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this far the answers to those questions are yes and yes. So here’s all you have to do to enter:


Posted December 15, 2011 by

Why the Shift to Global Work Is a Massive Opportunity for the U.S.

American companies will soon hire millions of designers, coders, writers, marketers, and other skilled people from all over the world, says Ross Dawson, co-author of the just-released book Getting Results From Crowds: The definitive guide to using crowd-sourcing to grow your business.

Ross Dawson“The shift to global work is not a problem for the U.S., it is a massive opportunity. The future of the economy depends on us embracing crowdsourcing. Companies must get good at creating value with crowds.” (more…)

Posted August 12, 2006 by

Starbucks, Coffee, and Entry-Level Jobs

I bet I know what you are thinking: how great would it be to work at place where I can get all the discounted coffee that I want!! Does this sound like you? Okay, first, I want to say lay off the coffee, just a tad, and second, let’s help you do something about this…aspiration?
Again, I say utilize the tool I touted before, Hcareers, hopefully that will be of some use. If not, let’s try a different tactic. How about going right to the official website of the company ( that is bound to produce some areas of interest to potential Starbucks entry-level job employees. In fact it actually does and I find it the most direct tactic to take in searching for Starbucks entry-level jobs or any job within the company. We find again handy search tools, nice pictures, graphics and even a career center sponsored on the website. Interestingly, Starbucks hosts internships throughout the summer as well as recruiting events and provides a section on “retail careers.”
The website actually is very good at giving you a feel for the company as it highlights its impact on the world in a section entitled ‚Äúsocial responsibility‚Äù to build community and equality, while also having a press room and a list of international stores. It‚Äôs a big Starbucks love fest, but it is interesting at any rate. I say rummage around the site, read up on the company (something any job seeker should do anyway) and then check out some of the Starbucks entry-level jobs listed where you currently reside. If the amount of stores around the world is any indication, there should be a way for all interested parties to find a Starbucks entry-level job somewhere in the neighborhood and stock up on all those coffee discounts. (Obviously, I have no clue whether you actually will get discounts–so don’t quote me).