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Posted August 16, 2013 by

10 Ways To Stand Out In Your Job Interview

Rosemary Haefner of Careerbuilder

Rosemary Haefner of Careerbuilder

I often speak with job seekers who tell me that they’ve applied to dozens or even hundreds of jobs yet are still either unemployed or stuck in a job they hate. Overwhelmingly they believe the problem is with their resume yet one question that I’ll ask often reveals the problem — if there is one — has more to do with their interviewing skills and less to do with their resumes. The question that I ask is whether they’re getting interviews and how often. If they’re getting an interview for every five or so jobs to which they’re applying, that’s a reasonable ratio so their problem likely has nothing to do with their resume or the jobs to which they’re applying. If they’re getting an interview for every 100 jobs, then there’s a good chance there’s a problem with their resume, the jobs to which they’re applying, or both. But what if they’re getting lots of interviews but those interviews are not leading to job offers? Then the problem likely relates to their interviewing skills.

Some job seekers believe that they must stand out to potential employers during the interview stage and, to an extent, I agree. If an employer interviews 10 people for one opening and can’t remember anything about you, the likelihood of you getting the offer is pretty slim. But just because they remember you doesn’t mean that they will want to extend a job offer to you. The key isn’t just standing out. It is standing out for the right reasons. You don’t want them to remember you as a fool or a jerk, for instance. You want them to remember you as someone who struck them as being very likely to succeed in their workplace. (more…)