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What to do with a Sports Management Degree

Laura O. Tolentino

Laura O. Tolentino

If you’ve earned a degree in sports management and find yourself asking “what can I do with a sports management degree?” you will be craving some good information on the popular and unique job opportunities that are available to sports management degree holders. Since this degree is related to the business side of the sports world you have a number of options, from financial positions, marketing and promotion positions, and even manager and agent positions. (more…)

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Becoming a Sports Team Coach

Male high school basketball team having team talk with coach

Male high school basketball team having team talk with coach. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Being good at a sport is very different from coaching a sports team. Of course, most people who become sports coaches are very good at and highly passionate about that sport to begin with. Sometimes the most successful players of their heydays decide to coach the team of that sport instead of walking into the sunset and hanging up their sporty shoes altogether. It goes without saying that the number one rule of being a sports coach is to know and understand the sport like the back of your hand. (more…)

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3 Ways College Recruiting Compares with the NFL Draft

Last week, we saw many young men achieve their dreams of being drafted to the NFL.  If you think about it, college recruiting is similar to this annual sports event.  In the following post, learn three ways college recruiting compares with the NFL Draft.

NFL General Managers and CEOs alike are often asked about their top annual objectives. Although exact wording may vary, their answer is always something to the tune of “finding the right young talent to help grow our…

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Interested in Sports? One Entry Level Job You Might Like

For those of you looking to break into the sports world, the following post talks about one entry level job you might be interested in.

We’re starting a new video series where we take a deep dive into entry level sports jobs that we believe have a high ceiling and could really put you on the sports career path of your dreams. This week we’re discussing social…

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Entry Level Jobs in Sports Management

Do you want to pursue a career in sports management?  If so, the following post has some top entry level jobs in the field.

Once you graduate from your sports management degree program, it will be time to choose an entry level position. Your first position can set up the path that you’ll follow through your entire career, so it’s important to choose…

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Sportscasters, Do You Appreciate Your Entry Level Jobs?

For those of you who have entry level jobs in sportscasting, the following post shares two reasons why you should appreciate these positions.

When McPherson (KS) High School lined up for the opening kickoff of the 1990 football season, I broke into a cold sweat. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized the severity of the fact that, in four years as a broadcast…

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Why College Recruiters Should Visit Low Income Schools

When thinking about going to college, not all students have the opportunity to meet college recruiters on a regular basis.  The following post explains why they should visit low income schools more often.

The role of a college recruiter is to identify eligible students and convince them to apply to his or her respective university. No one expects recruiters to hold students’ hands during the process. But college recruiters are vital in…

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Tips that May Help You Secure an Entry Level Job in Sports Writing

Are you interested in writing about sports?  If so, check out some tips in the following post that could help you find an entry level job in this area.

Featured: Featured One of my close friends, David Simmons, is a sports buff. He loves anything and everything sports. Ironically, I met David while I was interning in Los Angeles one summer (everything links back to internships!). One of the things I admire about David is that he is always “in

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How To Land A Career In Sports Writing

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Want to Work in Sports? 5 Entry Level Jobs with Career Potential

Okay, so you may not be a professional athlete, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be a part of the sports world.  Learn five entry level jobs in sports that offer career potential in the following post.

Want to work in sports but not sure how to get started? Here are five entry level sports jobs that have incredible career growth potential.

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Entry Level Sports Jobs with Real Growth Potential

Posted June 26, 2013 by

Jobs for Recent College Graduates Who Want to Work Outdoors

Are you wondering what to do after graduation?  If you like the outdoors, then consider some jobs for recent college graduates in the following post.

As the summer sunshine streams into your cubicle, the thought hits you: I cannot be stuck behind a desk for the rest of my life! You start dreaming. An outdoor job would be awesome. Fresh air, physical activity, open skies…yup, that sounds about right. Unfortunately, most outdoor work falls into three main categories: Teeny-Tiny Paycheck (park naturalist,

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Ditch the Desk: 5 In-Demand Outdoor Jobs