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Posted March 09, 2015 by

5 Well-Paying Jobs Where You Can Make a Difference

Young female hospital administrative in a desk at the hospital hall

Young female hospital administrative in a desk at the hospital hall. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Jobs that offer the highest pay don’t necessarily translate to the happiest employees. Oftentimes, jobs that involve a contribution to society are just as important predictors of happiness. Luckily, well-paying jobs and jobs that make a difference are not mutually exclusive. Here are 5 jobs that allow you to have it all. (more…)

Posted June 10, 2013 by

Do You Want an Entry Level Job as a Speech-Language Pathologist?

If you are interested in helping people with their ability to communicate, an entry level job as a speech-language pathologist may interest you.  Learn more about this career opportunity in the following post.

When you think of something that would be almost impossible to live without, the ability to communicate with others probably ranks pretty high on the list. Sadly, communicative abilities are also some of the skills we take the most for granted on a daily basis. Just imagine being unable to join in on the conversations comprised

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Career as a Speech-Language Pathologist