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Posted September 16, 2014 by

About to Graduate from College and Want an Entry Level Job In Freelance? 7 Steps to Follow

If you are about to graduate from college and have an interest in getting an entry level job freelancing, the following post has seven steps to move forward in your search.

You have many good reasons to start your freelance career as soon as (or even before) you graduate college. Even if you’d prefer to work an office job or want to explore another type of traditional employment setting, think of how “running your own business” will look on your resume. Plus, as you trudge

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Posted November 26, 2013 by

Looking for a Career in Real Estate? What You Can Do to Make Yourself Standout

Foreclosure home for sale sign in front of house

Foreclosure home for sale sign in front of house. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

A career in real estate often ends up being a very lucrative one, but that doesn’t mean that building a career in the business is easy. In fact, because of the relatively low entry requirements for becoming a real estate agent, many areas are practically flooded with more than can make an exceptional living.

However, if you’re passionate about real estate, don’t assume that you’re never going to make it in the field. You simply have to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Use these six tips to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack in the real estate game. (more…)