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Posted July 08, 2014 by

12 Things to Know Before Graduating and Pursuing Entry Level Jobs

Before graduating and going after entry level jobs, students may want to know these 12 things found in the following post.

Eight years ago when my partner and I started our branding firm, we were both in our twenties and had a desire to make a mark on the world. Yet, as young guns with no prior agency experience and $250 to our names, all we had was ambition and heart. Everyone warned us how much we had to learn,  but you don’t realize how little you

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Posted December 31, 2013 by

What Can Keep You from Landing Recent College Graduate Jobs Before Other Candidates

If you’re interested in applying for recent college graduate jobs, be sure to show your interest.  The following post talks about what can keep job seekers from landing these jobs.

I have two short stories about Millennials and resumes. One has a happy ending and the other does not. If you want to free yourself from the crowded 20-something job market (and crazy-high unemployment), pay attention.

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Looking to Find Jobs for College Students? Start by Creating a Quality Resume

For some students about to begin college, they may have a desire to make some extra cash.  So, if you’re looking to find jobs for college students, start by creating a quality resume.  Learn more in the following post.

If you’re close to graduation and you’re interested in finding yourself a college job, having a polished and well-written resume is definitely a must! This.

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Resume Tips to Find Recent College Graduate Jobs

If you’re searching for recent college graduate jobs, it is important to have a quality resume that stands out to potential employers.  The following post includes some resume tips to keep in mind.

Q: I’m graduating college this year and still working on my resume. Do you have any tips? A: Congratulations on your graduation and welcome to the workforce! We often help recent college graduates with their resumes.

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Ask A Recruiter: Resume Tips for New College … – PSG Staffing

Posted December 24, 2012 by

Top 8 Reasons Why Many Veterans aren’t Getting the Job

CollegeRecruiter.comAfter a little while searching for jobs, military veterans probably wonder why they can’t get hired.  In the following post, learn eight reasons keeping them from landing new positions in the civilian workforce.

Today we welcome a guest blog post from Todd Hecht, a Recruiter at Orion International and Navy veteran.

There is no doubt in my mind that the job market is tough overall and even tougher for newly transitioning veterans. You would be hard pressed not to find blog after blog and LinkedIn post after post that identifies the reasons why the market is so tough for our Nation’s Heroes. There is no shortage of people identifying what the Government can do or what companies can do to help our veterans.

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Top 8 Reasons Why Many Veterans aren’t Getting the Job

Posted November 30, 2012 by

Transitioning Students with Disabilities into College and Careers

CollegeRecruiter.comWith the right preparation, schools can make the lives of students with disabilities a little easier as they transition into college and the workforce.  In the following post, find out what parents say can be done to help with this process, and what is making a difference.

Scott Rich is a prime example of how a student with disabilities can be successful. Rich was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, and behavioral problems affected him throughout elementary school. He had difficulty engaging to the point that he was expelled on several occasions, and during middle and high school, he suffered anxiety and time management issues.

Today, life for Rich is an entirely different story. At age 29, Rich has earned his M.A. in Special Education, a B.A. in Geography, and a Minor in Special Education. Rich now works as an outreach advocate and is mentoring students with special needs and autism.


Transitioning Students with Disabilities into College and Careers