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Posted January 23, 2014 by

What to Potentially Expect for Your Entry Level Job Search in 2014

If your goal is to land an entry level job in 2014, then you should be aware of factors that could affect your job search.  In the following post, learn some predictions for this year that can help your preparation for this process.

We’re not too far into the new year… this is still a great time for resolutions and setting goals we want to achieve in the coming year. It’s also a time for predictions regarding changes and trends we expect to materialize. Here are the noteworthy predictions for 2014, both from me and experts in

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Posted September 05, 2013 by

Pump up your social resume and your job prospects

The phrase "Social Media" in cloud form in the sky

The phrase “Social Media” in cloud form in the sky. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Let’s pretend for a moment you just got out of a job interview you aced. You wore the right clothes, gave the right answers and overall wowed them with your professional demeanor.

Then you leave the room and the hiring manager goes to his favorite search engine where he finds a video of you twerking Miley Cyrus style and wearing a t-shirt that says “I Love Ganja.” Suddenly you don’t seem like such a great job candidate, do you?


Even if you haven’t made obvious online gaffes such as posting wild party photos, you still might be making mistakes that could cost you a job. That’s why you need to spend as much time optimizing your social resume as you do your paper one. (more…)

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Tapping Into the Hidden Job Market

Group of college students

Group of college students. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Once upon a time, the want ads were king, and job seekers could be relatively successful in finding employment by pounding the pavement based on what the want ads and job boards were offering.

In the current workplace climate, that pavement has significantly narrowed. The majority of jobs — experts estimate between 70 to 80 percent — are not advertised by employers, so those who rely solely on job boards to find positions are missing out on most available opportunities. Unfortunately, many college students are unaware of the hidden job market and still operate under the notion that earning a degree and responding to job posts is all they need to do to land a great job. (more…)