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Finding social media’s place in recruiting strategy

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While many recruiters use social media to find quality job candidates, recruiting this way may not be ideal. Employers may want to consider pursuing other options, including banner advertising, email campaigns, and other interactive media solutions. One other option is to utilize the company website and internal referrals from existing employees (at least to begin with). Andrew Buhrmann, CEO of Vettd, explains why companies should look within before branching out on social media for their next employees.

“Vettd has conducted market research on social recruiting. We learned the best method for recruiters to find their next hires actually starts with the company website, not social networks.

While social and professional networks are the future, our current research tells us they are causing companies to regress in their hiring process. That means they are betting a ton of money on a losing horse.

By working with existing employees and their networks, they present higher value and more worthwhile candidate leads and referrals. Recruiters are able to validate the candidate’s experience internally first, before proceeding with an online check of the candidate’s social presence. This dual pronged approach brings recruiters better candidates at the top of the consideration stack versus recruiting socially first and discovering later the person someone knows of isn’t really anyone they really know well.”

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Andrew Buhrmann, CEO of Vettd

Andrew Buhrmann, CEO of Vettd

Andrew Buhrmann founded Vettd in the fall of 2014. Vettd is his second Seattle startup, and he was previously Co-Founder at Balance Financial, which was acquired by TaxACT. Andrew is an active, outdoor enthusiast who loves to spend his free time skiing, running, cycling, and cooking for his family and friends. He and his wife, Jennifer, are expecting their first child this summer, which will be the 9th grandchild of his parents. He is a graduate of the University of Washington and holds a degree in economics.

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Using Social Media to Search for Recent College Graduate Jobs? How to Prepare for Social Recruiting

If you’re on social media attempting to find recent college graduate jobs, the following post shares advice on how to prepare for social recruiting.

Recruiting candidates isn’t what it used to be… and we don’t meet generations ago. We’re talking over the course of the past few years. Employers now use “social recruiting” as a major component of their hiring strategy. What is it? Social recruiting is what companies and recruiters do when they

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Searching for Recent College Graduate Jobs on LinkedIn? 5 Tips to Get Noticed by Recruiters

If you make the right impression on LinkedIn when searching for recent college graduate jobs, it could get you one step closer to finding the job you want.  Learn five tips to help you get noticed on the site by recruiters in the following post.

As we all know, well over 90% of recruiters are using LinkedIn according to the 2013 Jobvite social recruiting study, to search, contact, keep tabs, and vet candidates. So why isn’t your phone ringing off the hook with job offers? Here’s what you need to do to ensure recruiters are looking at your LinkedIn

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How the Social Job Search Can Assist Your Resume When Searching for Recent Graduate Jobs

Are you searching for recent graduate jobs and need to assist your resume?  If so, the following post discusses how the social job search can help.

If you haven’t experienced the dreaded “resume black hole” during your job search yet… the odds are high you will some day. The resume black hole – where your resume goes never to be heard from again – usually encountered by job seekers who apply through the traditional means of sending

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Looking for an Entry Level Job in the Tech Industry? What to Know for Your Job Search

If you are looking for an entry level job in the tech industry, the following post includes an infographic with information to help you with your job search.

The tech industry is a hot market for professionals across the globe. Whether you’ve been pursuing a career in the tech sector for a number of years or you’re just now considering it, the future of tech is looking pretty promising. Case in point: From 2010 to 2020, computer-related occupations are expected to grow 22 percent, compared to the

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Recruiters, Want to Find the Best Candidates for Entry Level Jobs? Social Media May Be the Solution

Most recruiters have probably heard about using social media as a recruitment strategy.  The following post shares one key reason recruiters looking for candidates to fill entry level jobs and other opportunities should use social media in their recruiting efforts.

We know how sick recruiters are of hearing about the importance of using social media to connect with candidates. If you’re not using it by now, you’re living under a rock, right? But most advice posts and experts who tout sourcing via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn say it’s essential because that’s where the

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Does Your Social Media Profile(s) Reflect Positively on Your Entry Level Job Search?

One factor that could help or hurt your entry level job search is your social media profile(s).  If yours doesn’t reflect a positive feeling among employers and recruiters, then you may want to clean it up.  The following post includes an infographic showing how recruiters responded to certain posts on social media.

In the old days (like 3 or 4 years ago), as recruiters narrowed down a list of candidates, they would walk step-by-step through the best recruiting method available to them: Do a face-to-face interview Check references hand-picked by the candidate Rely partly on instinct, and partly on hope that the candidate was sincere

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Migrating online social interactions to employer’s Web-site: @PeterWeddle at #truCollegeRecruiter

Minneapolis, MN – [November 7, 2013] –, the leading niche job board for college students searching for internships and recent graduates hunting for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities, is pleased to announce that Peter Weddle of WEDDLE’s and the International Association of Employment Web Sites will deliver a presentation on Post-Social Recruiting: Migrating online social interactions from commercial social media sites to an employer’s own Web-site at #truCollegeRecruiter New York City and that tickets are now available at for our fourth, fifth, and sixth recruiting events for hiring managers, recruiters, and other human resource leaders. (more…)

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Think Before You Post – How Social Media Platforms, Like SnapChat, Vine and Facebook, Can Impact Your Job Search

dreamstimeIf you think those off-the-wall photos of you and your pals from last week’s neighborhood Fourth of July BBQ aren’t a big deal, you may want to think again: They could actually cost you a job.

Your digital footprint says a lot about you. And social media platforms, such as newcomers SnapChat and Vine—-apps that seem to encourage a “post what you feel” attitude—offer hiring companies today an essential gold mine of information about potential employees. (more…)