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15 Steps to a Dynamite LinkedIn Profile

CollegeRecruiter.comAre you looking to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile?  The following post has tips to help you achieve this goal.

LinkedIn is kind of a different social media platform – don’t you think? It’s a little tricky to use, and can be much, much harder to build relationships on than, say Facebook. It does have lots of great features, but it’s not as intuitive or as easy to integrate as some of the other social networks.

However, LinkedIn holds a high place of distinction, and if that’s where your target market is hanging out, you’d better be there, too! To make it worth your while, you need to make sure you have an engaging, informative, effective LinkedIn profile. Here are some easy steps to make that happen:

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15 Steps to a Dynamite LinkedIn Profile

Posted August 01, 2012 by

How Employers can Improve the Candidate Experience

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy of Shaker Consulting Group

I had a chance to speak with Teresa Fearis, Director of Global Alliances at SHL, while attending Taleo World.  We discussed what can be done to improve the candidate experience.

Candidates are asked to provide a great deal of information during the application process.  At a minimum they provide work history.  Firms that utilize objective candidate evaluations methods such as pre-employment tests, assessments or simulations obtain even more information about the candidate.  This generates a pretty lop-sided exchange of information.  Teresa offers a few suggestions for improving the candidate experience based upon higher levels of information sharing.  Click PLAY to hear what she has to say.  Then scroll down to read more on this topic. (more…)