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What to do with my degree: Entry-level communications jobs and salaries


The biggest misconception about majoring in Communications is that it’s a fluff major, or it’s for students who don’t really want to study. In reality, though, the field of communications – which encompasses public relations, marketing, mass communication, journalism, and advertising – is a versatile major that opens the door to a wide variety of careers. It’s not a fluff choice; it can be a very smart choice. Here we dive into entry-level communications jobs and the salaries you can expect. (more…)

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Interested in Sports? One Entry Level Job You Might Like

For those of you looking to break into the sports world, the following post talks about one entry level job you might be interested in.

We’re starting a new video series where we take a deep dive into entry level sports jobs that we believe have a high ceiling and could really put you on the sports career path of your dreams. This week we’re discussing social…

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Mozart meets MacGyver: Emerging Careers in Social Media

Sharon Jones

Sharon Jones of Career Thought Leaders

Part I (Content and Marketing)


Netpreneur Kevin Sproles created the online shopping cart in 1999 at the age of 16. He is founder and CEO of Volusion, an eCommerce company that helps retailers make more than $2 billion a year. Other young innovators are well known. Mark Zuckerberg began Facebook in his Harvard dorm room, and Jack Dorsey was a New York University dropout who developed the prototype for Twitter.


Mark Zuckerberg wore flip-flops and Jack Dorsey a nose ring when they first became prominent entrepreneurs. Not surprisingly, social media firms have distinctive corporate cultures. Facebook offers “baby cash” of $4,000 to new parents, 21 days of paid vacation and unlimited sick days. Twitter urges applicants to “JoinOurFlock,” and offers yoga and Pilate’s classes on-site. (more…)

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Can You Really Make a Career Doing Social Media?

PayScaleWanted: A marketing-savvy recent grad who is well versed in Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare to manage the company’s social media presence.

Sounds like a dream position, doesn’t it? For some, the idea of earning a paycheck by “tweeting” sounds like a cake job. The reality is, social media marketing positions are very competitive and starting salaries are generally low. To succeed as a social media marketer, you must have the right combination of experience, education and persistence to outshine the competition.

Still interested? Here are just a few of the most popular social media jobs and what pay: (more…)