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Should You Be Looking for Jobs or Interviews?

CollegeRecruiter.comWhile a college graduate’s ultimate goal is to land a new job, getting the chance to interview for one is an important step in that direction.  The following post shares some tips that can produce more of these opportunities.

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You’re counting down the months to graduation. But instead of doing a happy dance, you’re doing the limbo. You know those awkward months where it’s too early to apply for full-time jobs while biding time for your coveted diploma. It’s a challenging position.


Should You Be Looking for Jobs or Interviews?

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Easily Source Veterans and Disabled From Two- and Four-Year Colleges

Many of our largest employer clients are federal government and Fortune 500 organizations because our two most popular recruitment advertising tools are well suited to organizations with large hiring needs. News out of Washington, D.C. last week got me to thinking about whether we could help our clients hire veterans and disabled college students and recent graduates. In short, the answer is definitely.

I learned just before Veterans’ Day that the federal government’s primary method of hiring interns may be illegal because federal agencies are supposed to give hiring preferences to veterans. The Federal Career Internship Program (FCIP) was designed to provide two-year structured training and development internships but a number of agencies have abused it. An arbitration board just ruled that FCIP illegally circumvents traditional civil service merit hiring principles regarding veterans.

If FCIP is dead, the agencies could shift to targeting college students who are veterans or disabled as those groups are to receive hiring preferences. But are there enough veteran and disabled college students and how can we help the agencies and our corporate clients reach those valuable candidates?

I had our targeted email campaign and cell phone text messaging campaign data guys do a bit of research and found that we can email or text on behalf of our employer clients over one million veteran or disabled students and recent graduates:

So clearly we’re able to help a federal agency, Fortune 500, or any other client that wants to hire veteran or disabled students or recent graduates. And we can drill down by targeting, for example, those who are (1) disabled, (2) juniors and seniors of four-year colleges, (3) accounting or finance majors, (4) with GPA’s of 3.0 to 4.0 and (4) are African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic, or Native-American.

If this intrigues you like it intrigues me, let’s have a look at how for as little as $2,250, can help your organization reach veteran and disabled college students and recent graduates or just about any other demographic you wish. Just email your targeting wish list and we’ll figure out how best we can help you reach your recruiting goals.

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The Power of Cell Phone Text Messaging has been delivering targeted cell phone text messaging (sms) campaigns on behalf of our employer and consumer marketing clients for about five years now and we’ve learned a lot in that time. For example, it used to be that we’d send the text then follow up with an HTML (graphical) email a few days later and the open and click through response rates would be far higher than if we just emailed the same people.

Now we are seeing comparable open and click rates but the real response rate — applications for employers or leads/sales for consumer marketers — are much higher than you’d see with just an email.

We also continue to see far higher response rates than other types of media such as banner ads. Our numbers are consistent with those published by the Direct Marketing Association in its 2010 Response Rate Survey. It saw click through and conversion rates of 0.76 and 4.43 percent for banners, 6.64 and 1.73 percent for email campaigns, and 14.06 and 8.22 percent for sms campaigns.

So what does this mean to you if you are marketing employment or consumer marketing opportunities? Well, a click is not a click is not a click. Clicks from sms campaigns convert better than those from emails but banners outperformed both. On the other hand, banners grossly underperformed both sms and emails in generating the clicks in the first place. At the end of the day, sms campaigns are proving to be very effective and efficient sources of clicks and, more importantly, applications or leads/sales.

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Career Experts And Bloggers Unite To Help Job-Seekers In Third Annual Job Action Day

Job Action Day 2010 LogoAs the unemployment crisis slogs on, it’s clear that the new world of work involves far fewer full-time, permanent jobs with benefits than in the past. Job Action Day 2010, the third-annual initiative spearheaded by Quintessential Careers and being held this year on Nov. 1, addresses this new world of work by exhorting job-seekers to look at innovative ways to create opportunity. A cadre of career experts and bloggers are joining QuintCareers in helping job-seekers confront the new realities of the workforce on Job Action Day, held annually on the first Monday in November.

Some key indicators of this new world of work include:

  • Fifty percent of the workforce added in 2010 will be made up of one form or another of contingent workers, says the report The Emerging New Workforce by Littler Mendelson, P.C., which provides employment and labor-law solutions. “As a result,” the report states, “approximately 25 percent to as high as 35
    percent of the workforce will be made up of temporary workers, contractors, or other project-based labor. The numbers of professionals working in temporary or alternative work arrangements will continue to rise. Flexible work schedules and telecommuting will increase as companies turn towards practical solutions to efficiently complete tasks while retaining talented individuals.” [Similar sources: Freelance Nation: Why Permanent Jobs May Not Come Back by Charles Hugh Smith, DailyFinance; Need a job? Contract work could be new normal by Eve Tahmincioglu, MSNBC; One-in-Five employers to hire full-time, permanent staff in Q4: survey by International Business Times]
  • A looming skills mismatch is preventing some workers from obtaining jobs even as employers increase hiring. During the recession, employers had to make do with fewer workers, and those workers took on more functions. “Now, someone who hopes to get those jobs must meet the new requirements,” reports Christopher S. Rugaber in an Associated Press article. Technology has also added to the skills mismatch. [Similar source: The Stagnating Labor Market by Arjun Jayadev and Mike Konczal, The Roosevelt Institute]

“The workforce as we’ve come to know it will probably never be the same,” said Dr. Randall S. Hansen, founder and publisher of QuintCareers. “Job-seekers must develop a whole new mind-set to thrive in this new world of work. That’s why our 2010 Job Action Day theme is ‘Create Opportunity,'” Hansen said. “The theme has a double meaning; not only must job-seekers create opportunity, but we encourage employers and the government to find ways to create opportunity, as well.”

Adds author Jay Block in an article published on that sets the tone for Job Action Day 2010: “A finite number of jobs may be available, but an infinite number of opportunities are waiting for people to tap into.”

On Job Action Day 2010, Quint Careers will disseminate information from experts on how to create opportunity*:

  • The Proteus Solution: Surviving and Thriving in a Transformational Workplace, by Jay Block, executive career coach and author, West Palm Beach, FL.
  • Create Opportunity by Targeting Companies, Not Jobs, by Laura Levine Labovich, chief career strategist, Aspire! Empower! Career Strategy Group, Bethesda, MD.
  • How Temp Workers Can Creating Opportunity for Full-Time Hire, by Maureen Crawford Hentz, U.S. manager of talent acquisition, development and compliance at OSRAM Sylvania, Danvers, MA.
  • Creating Opportunity in the Nonprofit Sector, by Heather Krasna, speaker and author of Jobs That Matter: Find a Stable, Fulfilling Career in Public Service, Seattle.
  • Breakthrough Belief Strategies to Bust Up Limiting Beliefs, Bolster Confidence, and Bring Opportunity to Your Doorstep! by Susan Whitcomb, author, as well as founder and president of The Academies, including Career Coach Academy, Job Search Academy, and Leadership Coach Academy, Fresno, CA.
  • Creating Opportunity by Financing and Budgeting for a Career Reinvention, by Randi Bussin, founder and president, Aspire!, Boston.
  • Career Myopia: A National Epidemic, by Kristin Cardinale, PhD, author of The 9-to-5 Cure: Work on Your Own Terms & Reinvent Your Life, Milwaukee, WI.
  • Getting Paid What You Are Worth — Especially in Today’s Recession, by Don Orlando, career coach and owner, The McLean Group, Montgomery, AL.
  • Are You a S.M.A.R.T. Worker? Five Compelling Career Strategies to Make You More Valuable, by Billie Sucher, Billie Sucher Career Transition Services, Urbandale, IA.
  • Accelerate Executive Job Search With Personal Branding: A Personal Branding Worksheet, by Meg Guiseppi, “the C-level executive job coach,” Andover, NJ.
  • Outsiders On The Inside: Creating A Winning Career … Even When You Don’t Fit In, by David Couper, author of a book of the same title, Los Angeles.
  • Creating Opportunity with Your Entrepreneurial Mindset, by Nancy Miller, LifeWork coach and director of the Center for LifeWork Design, Sacramento, CA.
  • Career Assessments: Tools for Lifetime Career Management, by Susan Guarneri, “the assessment goddess,” Three Lakes, WI.

Bloggers who plan to support Job Action Day 2010 with posts on or around Nov. 1 include*:

*subject to change

In addition, the Quintessential Careers family of blogs, including the Quintessential Careers Blog, Career Doctor Blog, Quintessential Resume and Cover Letter Tips Blog, and A Storied Career, will feature Job Action Day entries.

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Traffic to Up 173 Percent

In an effort to re-launch our site during the slower summer months, we made some hard decisions about what features we needed to have in order to go live and what features could wait. One of the features we decided we could do without temporary were job detail pages. Those are the pages that you see after running a job search and clicking on the job title in order to read the description, requirements, and other details. In other words, as strange as this sounds, we were a job board without jobs. Sort of.

Like most high traffic sites, we’re always making changes and enhancements. We modified our site a few days ago so jobs posted to our site again have their job detail pages on our site. We also have jobs which are back fill in that they appear at the bottom of our search results and help guarantee that any user will find multiple jobs that appeal to them. If you click on those, you’ll continue to go to the employer’s site or whatever third party site is the source for those jobs. But the jobs posted to our site now click through to the job detail page on our site. The effect on the number of visitors to our site was huge: an increase of 173 percent from Thursday, October 7th to Thursday, October 14th.

We’ve got some other big changes in development and they should roll out within a week or two. They may not have the same huge impact on visits, but they should have a huge, beneficial impact on the number of pages that the average visitor sees and the average time on the site.

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Niche Job Board Partners With Global Classified Ads Search Engine to Bring New Job Openings to Fingertips of Students and Grads

Students and Recent Graduates Get Easier Access to Fresh Job Opportunities

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain (September 20, 2010) – Leading global classified ads search engine,, announced today a new partnership with (, the leading job board for college students searching for internships and recent graduates hunting for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities. This partnership invites job seekers to browse CollegeRecuiter’s thousands of employment offers on Trovit’s easy-to-use nationwide database of over three million listings.

“Trovit is designed to provide our users with a comprehensive one-stop glance at all active job offers on the web. By including’s unique entry-level job postings and internship positions in our search engine, we can offer college students and recent graduates that browse Trovit, fresh new opportunities at their fingertips daily,” said Aisling Sanford, U.S. Market Manager for

“We’re excited about adding Trovit to our network of partners,” said Steven Rothberg, President and Founder of “Trovit excels in reaching both the candidate who is more active in their job search and wants to search all of the leading job boards in one place as well as the candidate who is more passive and may be looking for a new apartment, car, or other item and realizes that they can also find a new internship or entry-level job at the same site.”

This partnership illustrates both parties’ commitment to providing today’s job seeker an easier way find the right employment opportunity.

About is the leading job board for college students hunting for internships and recent graduates looking for entry level jobs and other career opportunities. features hundreds of thousands of job openings and tens of thousands of pages of employment-related blogs, articles, podcasts, and videos. For more information, please visit

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was founded in 1991 by Steven Rothberg, who remains its President. To receive regular updates about new and interesting data and reports, visit the Blog or follow on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. For more information about partnering with, email

About Trovit Jobs

Trovit ( is an international search engine for Jobs, Property and Cars, operating in 20 countries. Trovit Jobs ( allows users to search a database of over three million job listings from nearly 600 classified websites, recruitment agencies and job boards. Within each search query, users can simplify results by filtering Company, Location, Experience, Salary and Publication date. Listings can be shared by email, Facebook, and Twitter and to stay on top of new job offers, users can create daily or weekly email alerts. Partnering with the big and small, you will find employment from every corner of the Internet on with just one-click.

Posted July 28, 2010 by Partners With to Better Help Students in Search for Jobs

Robert Hohman CEO of

Robert Hohman

Students Get Inside Look at Salary Insights and Company Reviews Direct From Employees

SAUSALITO, Calif. (July 28, 2010) — (, a career community offering  a free inside look at jobs and companies, has joined together with the just re-launched to better help college students and recent graduates find the information they need to make better career decisions.

Now through, students and grads can get firsthand insights from Glassdoor users into specific salaries by job title alongside job descriptions and open job listings in areas near them. In addition, visitors to will get a behind-the-scenes look at what it is like to work or interview at a company and interview reviews based on feedback from employees or job candidates.

For example, with Glassdoor’s community insights and’s jobs information, a recent grad who is looking to become a software engineer can find current job listings, get details into a specific company’s compensation package, find out how pay varies by location, see what other software engineers and other employees think about their jobs and employers, and get an advance peek into what it is like to interview at a certain company.

Younger workers have been among the worst hit during the recession and so it’s especially important to arm the next generation of employees with the tools and resources they need to get off to a successful start,” said Robert Hohman, co-founder and CEO of Glassdoor. “Working together with, we believe that our combined insights and data will help tomorrow’s workforce get a better understanding of the new normal in salary and learn about jobs and companies that align with their interests and is best suited to their education and skills.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Glassdoor as we help lead the job board community from a Web 1.0 model where virtually all of the job posting, article, and other content is provided by the employers and the job board to a very Web 2.0 model where we continue to feature content from employers and our staff but also content provided by users of, Glassdoor, and other sites,” said Steven Rothberg, President and Founder of “Our users – and users of all job boards – want and deserve a much more interactive, open, honest, and transparent experience. They want to learn about job opportunities and what it is like to work for a particular employer from that employer but also from current and past employees of that employer. Job seekers want and deserve the opportunity to engage in a conversation about the pros and cons about specific jobs, organizations, occupational fields, locations, and more. And with the re-launch of our site and partnership with Glassdoor, our job seeking visitors will get all of that. We’re thrilled.”

Content syndication from Glassdoor enables sites like to provide to their users access to information on more than 85,000 companies currently in Glassdoor’s database. Company reviews and salary information on Glassdoor are provided anonymously by a community of insiders, providing great insight into the inner workings, compensation, and pros and cons of working at companies across the globe.

# # #

About is a career and workplace community giving a free inside look at jobs and companies. Glassdoor enables employees, job seekers, employers and recruiters to simultaneously see – for the first time – unedited opinions about a company’s work environment along with details on salary, company reviews, as well as benefits and CEO approval ratings. Glassdoor, founded in 2007 with a public beta version launched in June 2008, has since offered job interview questions and reviews, office photos as well as career advice.  Headquartered in Sausalito, Calif., Glassdoor was founded by Richard Barton, Robert Hohman and Tim Besse and has raised $9.5 million from its founders, Benchmark Capital and Sutter Hill Ventures.

To receive regular updates about new and interesting data and reports, visit the Glassdoor Blog or follow the company on twitter @glassdoordotcom. And, for more information about Glassdoor syndication opportunities and how they can help you, email

About is the leading job board for college students hunting for internships and recent graduates looking for entry level jobs and other career opportunities. features hundreds of thousands of job openings and tens of thousands of pages of employment-related blogs, articles, podcasts, and videos. For more information, please visit

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was founded in 1991 by Steven Rothberg, who remains its President. To receive regular updates about new and interesting data and reports, visit the Blog or follow on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. For more information about partnering with, email

Posted July 27, 2010 by Re-launches With Tight Integration With Twitter, Facebook

Minneapolis, Minnesota — July 27, 2010 —, the leading job board for college students hunting for internships and recent graduates looking for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities, announced today that it has completed its fifth major update since launching in 1996. The newest version of the site takes advantage of integration opportunities which were not available even a couple of years ago such as sharing login information with social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and user generated content with a variety of other sites.

Key features of the new are:

  • The new Web 2.0 site emphasizes user generated content and facilitates interaction between job seekers, employers, career counselors, and others. At the same time, has preserved the ability of job seekers to search and apply to job posting ads.
  • Candidates will now search for jobs, click on posting summaries, and immediately be taken to the web sites of the employers to both read the posting and apply to it.
  • Candidates can post profiles on and employers and others may review those and contact the candidates directly — at no charge.
  • anticipates that it will continue to see hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per month from its primary target markets of job seekers and employers but will now also see significant use and great content from college career service office professionals, career counselors, resume writers, admissions counselors and more.
  • employees have already built hundreds of Employer Spotlight pages for the top employers of college students and recent grads. The current job openings of those employers will automatically appear on those Spotlight pages … even if the employer has not paid to do so. 
  • Video, video, video! Employers and other users may post videos at no charge, helping them better connect with job seekers. 
  • Finally, has also updated its corporate structure so that its parent company is now known as Holdings, Inc. and that organization owns two subsidiaries: CR Direct, Inc., which delivers the targeted emails and cell phone text messaging campaigns, and, LLC, which delivers everything else including job postings and banners.

About is the leading job board for college students hunting for internships and recent graduates looking for entry level jobs and other career opportunities. features hundreds of thousands of job openings and tens of thousands of pages of employment-related blogs, articles, podcasts, and videos. For more information, please visit