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Posted February 09, 2012 by

18% of Workers Admit to Dating Their Boss

Love is in the air and it’s wafting its way through the office. Thirty-eight percent of workers said they have dated a co-worker at least once over the course of their career; 17 percent reported dating co-workers at least twice. Thirty-one percent said their office romance led them to the altar.

How Many Dated the Boss?

While the majority of relationships developed between workers in comparable job levels, 28 percent of workers who dated a co-worker said they have dated someone above them in the company hierarchy, and nearly one-in-five (18 percent) admitted to dating their boss. Women were more likely to date someone higher up in their organization – 35 percent compared to 23 percent of men. The survey did not ask how many employees admitted to sleeping with their boss. (more…)

Posted February 07, 2012 by

Dating Website Helps Managers Sleep With Potential Hires

I founded this business 21 years ago and really thought that I had seen just about everything in the employment world but then a press release crossed my desk today that made my jaw drop. Incredibly, bills itself as a dating website for Sugar Daddy’s (typically male managers) and Sugar Babies (typically female job seekers). Not sleazy enough for you? These, ahem, matchmakers are now trying to leverage the recent revelations that President John Kennedy apparently had an 18 month affair with a 19 year White House intern.

Which sleaze to tackle first? Well, let’s start with the JFK story. According to her recently published memoir, Mimi Alford had an 18 month affair with President John F. Kennedy when she was a 19 years old virgin, while she was working as a White House intern. Though this revelation may come as a shock to those who thought the White House would be resilient to such clichés, it actually marks the beginning of an upward trend in American society. Today, such workplace affairs between a much more powerful Sugar Daddy, and a much younger Sugar Baby is, unfortunately, already well entrenched in the American popular culture. (more…)