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Posted July 21, 2015 by

Preparing for Video Job Interviews? 6 Tips to Help You Be Your Best

In today’s world of modern technology, employers are not limited to conducting traditional face-to-face job interviews.  Video interviews are one option they can take advantage of, as these interviews are convenient for both the employers and the job candidates.  If you are a candidate, though, you must still prepare yourself as you would for any interview.  To help prepare you for this important meeting, check out the following tips. (more…)

Posted December 21, 2012 by

10 Ways to Use Social Media to Get a Job

CollegeRecruiter.comHave you considered using social media as part of your job search?  The following post offers ways it can help you find a job.

How to use social media to land that dream job

Traditionally it was employers who had to make themselves visible when looking to fill vacancies – posting adverts in the press, then choosing a pool of candidates from a veritable tsunami of applicants. But not any more.

There’s mounting evidence that personnel specialists are now scouring social media sites and job boards for potential employees.

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10 Ways to Use Social Media to Get a Job