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Posted August 25, 2006 by

Entry-Level Security Clearance Jobs + My Imagination = Conspiracy Theories…oooh…

Wow, you have the authority to look at “classified” and “sensitive” documents and potentially get paid for it, what sounds more interesting that? Not much I’d say! Getting paid to keep secrets sounds like a pretty interesting way to enter into the job force…I think I watch too much television.
Money is interesting and being able to estimate how much you can potentially make in a certain job field is even more interesting. As a person searching for the next entry-level security clearance job there is a great document produced by that lists the 10 highest security clearance jobs by location as well as the salaries listed by clearance level (and some other odds and ends).
Once you figure out how much money you can stand to make let’s find you an entry-level security clearance job so you can start gaining that work experience and move up the security clearance ladder. I found a bunch of sites that have entry-level security clearance jobs listed to look through—just check the links below. This should help get you started.
We all like to mouth off as well, I know I can’t wait to vent about my job at the end of the day!! It relaxes me. If you are like me, or just like to talk with like-minded people, look into and their forums. People into entry-level security clearance jobs chat it up daily. This could be useful as well as fun.
The last thing to leave you with is a plug for all the international travelers out there. I found a job site for entry-level security clearance job seekers out there in the UK. Sounds like fun and jobs should be right?
Salary document:
Job Search Sites:
The UK hookup: