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Posted February 20, 2014 by

How to Find Your Value When Searching for Recent Graduate Jobs

If you believe you do not have enough experience for a particular job, think about what you have to offer a potential employer.  The following post shows you how find your value when searching for recent graduate jobs.

Do you doubt the value you may bring to a potential employer? If so, I want to show you a wonderful technique to get past the “I don’t have a lot of work experience” barrier; a tool that will enable you to focus on where you do have experience that translates into something

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Posted December 10, 2012 by

6 Tips to Shorten a Job Search

CollegeRecruiter.comIf you are a recent college graduate or someone looking for a new job, there are some tips in the following post which may quickly move your search along.

Is your job search efficient?

The economic outlook has been looking very grim, and can be disheartening to those of us who are trying to enter the job force for the first time. However, a savvy seeker can get into the game quickly if he or she keeps a few simple rules and tips in mind:

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6 Tips to Shorten a Job Search