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Posted March 27, 2015 by

The Ultimate Guide to Paying for College Tuition

Sarah Landrum photo

Sarah Landrum

Let’s be honest, college is expensive. Loans and scholarships enable more people to attend college than ever before, but the current economic climate is still an obstacle when it comes to covering the cost of college. With the U. S. economy in a state of recovery, credit is tightening and tuition costs are rising – leaving students to wonder how they can pay for college without going broke. (more…)

Posted November 04, 2014 by

How Students Can Make More Money with Paid Surveys

Melissa Burns

Melissa Burns

The question that most students probably ask themselves most often is this: Where to get some extra cash if there is no opportunity for full-time employment? What free time they have is arranged irregularly, which makes getting even a part-time job problematic.

But there is a legitimate way of making decent money working odd hours without spending too much time on it – namely, paid surveys.

However, how much you make this way depends on your resourcefulness and knowledge of certain tricks – so read carefully. (more…)

Posted May 16, 2014 by

How to Land an Internship Fast

Internship concept in black background

Internship concept in black background. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The summer is upon us, and if you haven’t yet landed a seasonal position or made plans for the months ahead, the pressure is officially on. Here are a few ways to land a great opportunity that will send you back to school in the fall (or into the professional job marketplace) with a set of new skills and some valuable experience under your belt. (more…)

Posted April 15, 2014 by

Planning to Work in Dubai?…Know the Employment Laws

Swati Srivastava

Swati Srivastava

Expats in Dubai comprise a major section of the working population in the Emirates. If you are also willing to find a job in Dubai, the following post will help you to get some information about Dubai and its employment laws. Read on… (more…)

Posted July 09, 2013 by

Making Sure Your Degree Is Accredited

A bachelor's degree in education with a grad hat

A bachelor’s degree in education with a grad hat. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

As prospective students search college databases and educational websites, they will notice a term that gets used quite a lot: accreditation. Accreditation agencies (or simply, accreditors) work to evaluate a college degree program and make sure it meets certain standards. These organizations help students identify legitimate, well-respected schools and avoid scams. (more…)

Posted May 01, 2013 by

Searching for Recent College Graduate Jobs? Learn the Different Types of Job Ads.

Before applying for recent college graduate jobs, job seekers should understand the job ads they are reading.  As a result, they won’t spend any more time than needed during their job searches.  In the following post, learn different types of ads graduates may encounter.

Job ads are as vague as ever. You might get a run-down of the position, but good luck finding any details about salary or, in some cases, even hours or location. Their purpose is to get you in the door, not give away all the details. In fact, lots

Original article:

How to Decipher Job Ads So You Actually Know What You’re Applying For

Posted April 04, 2013 by

5 work-from-home companies you need to know about

Young woman on the phone working from home

Young woman on the phone working from home. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Working from home is a popular pursuit, according to research by the Telework Research Network. The research group reports that one in five employed Americans work from home at least one day a week, and about 3 million workers never set foot into an office outside home. That number is expected to increase 63 percent in the next five years, thanks in part to greenhouse gas reduction and company savings. (more…)

Posted June 20, 2012 by

Queen of the Random Job

Most adults of a certain age believe they’ve had some colorful jobs. Chances are likely, however, that Bethany Mooradian has them beat.

Bethany Mooradian

Bethany Mooradian

“I began finding random jobs after receiving my degree in puppetry because I realized that most puppeteers don’t make that much money,” says Mooradian, author of I Got Scammed So You Don’t Have To, a how-to book for finding legit work in an economy of scammers. “At one point, I was even Ronald McDonald’s bodyguard.”

Beginning in 1999, in order to make ends meet while pursuing her artistic passions, she looked for odd jobs. It wasn’t long before the search for and execution of odd jobs became a lifestyle. She gave so much advice to her friends on how not to be scammed, that she decided to write a book about it. (more…)

Posted October 24, 2011 by

How Do Online Job Scammers Sleep at Night? uses the corporate version of Gmail — Google Apps for Business — for email in large part because it does an incredible job of filtering out virtually all spam without incorrectly identifying legitimate emails as spam. It is quite rare when we have false negatives or positives, but one snuck through today. (more…)

Posted September 01, 2010 by

Expansion of .jobs Charter Walks and Talks Like a Duck Even While Claiming It Isn’t a Duck

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m opposed to the proposed expansion of the .jobs charter from what is currently allowed to what would be allowed. What is currently allowed is for Employ Media, the registrar, to help an employer such as Toyota funnel job seeker traffic to its career web site by registering and promoting What Employ Media wants to do is expand that so that it may use secret criteria which may or may not change and may or many not be applied uniformly to create tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even a million new geographic, occupational field, and other such domains such as,, and In essence, Employ Media would be given the right to create the sandbox and decide who gets to play in it, for how long, and at what price. Those who are friends may get to play for longer and at a lower cost. Those who aren’t friends may be treated quite differently. And Employ Media may retain whichever domains it wishes for itself. In effect, Employ Media becomes both the registrar and the competitor.

One of the key complaints against the proposed expansion of the .jobs charter is that Employ Media would create perhaps a million new job boards. A White Paper on Dot Jobs just published by Direct Employers Association executive director Bill Warren — one of the key driving forces behind the proposed expansion — addresses this concern in what I can only describe as double speak:

[T]his is not a million job boards but rather one dynamic jobs platform, it will provide a single interface for posting jobs to niche, targeted locations. Automated job feeds and single postings will only be accepted from vetted employers and, when the .jobs TLD build‐out is complete, all jobs will automatically appear in the appropriate city, state, country, and occupational .jobs URLs. Job seekers will be able to enter a desired city, state, geographic region, country, or occupation plus .jobs (,, etc.) in their browser for immediate access to relevant jobs.

So if I understand Bill properly, they’re not creating a million job boards but one and that one job board will be accessible by perhaps a million different domain names such as,, and and each of those domain names will have different content which is targeted to its users so will contain only information about jobs in New York, will contain information only about engineering jobs, and will contain information only about jobs for diverse candidates. I’m sorry, but how is that not a million job boards? Oh, because underlying each of them is a common platform. In other words, one database and common software will drive all of them. Does anyone really think that 99 percent of the visitors to these sites will understand that? If there are a million domains with different content, that’s a million job boards regardless of any double speak to the contrary.

Whether the underlying software is shared or unique to each board, they’ll function to the individual users as separate boards. And if they function as separate boards, then they are separate boards. Ever hear the expression that if something walks like a duck and talks like a duck then it must be a duck? Well folks, Employ Media and Direct Employers Association can call it what they wish, but this is a duck.