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Posted December 03, 2013 by

On an Entry Level Job and Must Share Bad News with Your Boss? How to Do It Professionally

If you’re on an entry level job and ever need to share bad news with your boss, the following post offers tips to do so in a professional manner.

Breaking bad news to your boss is like being the sober sister on girl’s night; someone has to be the sacrificial lamb. While you may feel trepidatious about informing your supervisor that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong, the situation may be a blessing in disguise. (Click here to Tweet this thought.) Employers are

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Posted October 14, 2013 by

Not Enjoying Your Entry Level Job? Make the Best of It

If you are not exactly fulfilled in your current entry level job, try to make the best of this opportunity for the future.  Learn how to do so in the following post.

So you’ve graduated, landed that full-time salary with benefits, been assigned your cubicle and finally enrolled in that fire-eating class you’ve been eying because hey, you’ve got health insurance now! You’ve got what so many want. But why aren’t you happy? As anyone with a

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