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Posted April 17, 2014 by

Average Starting Salary for College Grads is $45,327

Petroleum Engineer

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It isn’t uncommon for many of our employer clients to grossly underestimate the going rate for recent graduates. Almost every employer wants to pay their employees fairly but few have the time or resources to accurately determine just what is fair.

Example? Last week an employer posted a job to our site for people who graduated within the past three years and who are interested in an entry-level sales position. That was fine except the compensation they were willing to pay was $30,000 per year. That’s $15,327 less than the average starting salary for a 2013 college graduate of $45,327. As you may have guessed, the response to their posting was less than overwhelming. We tried to explain the problem to the employer but the reaction was typical: a recent grad should be grateful for any employment opportunity and so the pay rate shouldn’t matter. Well, it does matter. (more…)

Posted July 11, 2012 by

6 Salary Negotiation Tips for Recent College Grads

Mortar Board Graduation Cap on Top of Pile of MoneyAre you interviewing for a new job and getting the point where the hiring manager, recruiter, or other human resource professional is asking you how much money you want? If so, welcome to the world of salary negotiations. Don’t dread it. Embrace it. You’re in a rare position to substantially impact your compensation by helping to convince your future employer how much you deserve to be paid. These six salary negotiation tips may just make the difference between you being underpaid and therefore probably being unhappy versus you being paid what you deserve and therefore more likely to be happy in your new job: (more…)