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Posted December 03, 2012 by

Two Excellent ‘Job Finalists,’ But Only ONE Gets Job!

CollegeRecruiter.comWhen applying for any job, there are likely to be many qualified candidates, but ultimately one person will land the job.  Whether you’re running for the highest office in the land or another job, the following post tells us that the process is pretty much the same.

Well, the presidential campaign is over—finally! It was a long, winding, sometimes torturous road for the two “finalists” for the job, Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama, both excellent candidates. But still, in the end, only ONE of the candidates was ultimately selected for the position, the President of the United States. It is ever thus for most “job searches.”

When you think about it (as I have done!), there are more than just a few parallels between how this, the most important of “job searches,” unfolded and how the typical, admittedly far more mundane, job search unfolds in the current job market.

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Two Excellent ‘Job Finalists,’ But Only ONE Gets Job!