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Back-to-school free resume critique

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College and university students who are starting their fall semesters know that right after Labor Day the frenzy of on-campus recruiting begins. There’s a little bit of a breather from mid-November until the beginning of January and then the frenzy continues through March.

When was the last time someone with training reviewed your resume and made specific recommendations to you for how it could be better? Are you missing keywords that employers will find when they’re searching a database? Is your language active instead of passive? Do you have specific accomplishments listed? Are your career goals spelled out clearly? (more…)

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Looking for Your First Job as a Student

Melissa Burns

Melissa Burns

Job hunting is always difficult, especially in the current unstable economic situation, and for students and recent graduates it may turn into a real ordeal. If you have been working previously, it is just a new step among all the other steps in your life. If it is your first job there is a psychological barrier to overcome – you make the first move as an independent adult, you don’t know your way around, you have to learn everything as you go along. Add to this the absence of recommendations and any work experience to speak of and you get a really unpleasant situation.

Here are a few tips that will, hopefully, alleviate the strain of finding your way in the labyrinth that is employment. (more…)

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Finding a Quality Certified Resume Writer

Finding a quality resume writer can sometimes be a daunting task, but if you have admitted to yourself that you are in need of some help with your resume then it is certainly in your best interest to find a certified resume writer to help you out. Unfortunately there are those out there who will portray themselves to be a certified resume writer when in fact they are not and if you don’t know what to look for then you may inadvertently hire someone who is less than qualified to write your resume for you.
Most often people get fooled by these frauds because they look at one thing and one thing only when they set out to hire a certified resume writer; price. While you certainly do want to eventually consider the price of the certified resume writer you hire, it should be one of the last things on your checklist. Here are some of the main points to look at when you are searching for a quality certified resume writer:
• Time: This is the first qualifier you should be looking at. Why? In order to even attempt to become a certified resume writer you must first write resumes professionally for no less than two years. If you find a certified resume writer that has been in business for less than two years then you may be getting involved with a resume writer that is not in fact certified.
• Designations: When a resume writer becomes a certified resume writer there are a number of different designations that can be obtained. However, one of the more known and probably the most respected designation comes from the NCRW, which stands for National Certified Resume Writer. If the certified resume writer you are considering has no designations then again you may be dealing with a phony.
‚Ä¢ Quality of Work: This really goes without saying, but you should always view samples of the certified resume writer’s work before you make your final decision. Any quality certified resume writer will be more than thrilled to provide you with multiple examples of their work as they will want you to feel comfortable with them as the process goes along. Any resume writer that will not provide you with samples of their work should simply be avoided.
Hiring a resume writer to help you craft your resume is a great idea. Hiring a certified resume writer to help you craft your resume is genius. While they may be pricier that the typical resume writers out there, there is a good reason for that.
Certified resume writers represent the cream of the crop and the designations they carry mean they have had to pass rigorous tests and that they have kept up their standards in order to keep their designations. So while finding a quality certified resume writer may take some time and effort on your part, the end result may be you landing the job you have always wanted. If you do a little due diligence then you can find a quality certified resume writer that will fit both your needs and budget and you will also greatly increase your odds at employment success.
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