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Posted September 15, 2014 by

Writing Resumes for Jobs, Recent College Graduates? 7 Cliches that Won’t Impress Recruiters

While recent college graduates searching for jobs may want their resumes to sound good, recruiters are more interested in what they prove then how they sound.  Learn seven cliches not to use on resumes in the following post.

To a recruiter, chances are your resume looks, feels and sounds just like every other resume. Why? Because almost resume written contains these seven cliches that make recruiters want to scream! Take a look, and then see how many of these need to be removed from your resume…

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Posted August 28, 2014 by

Recent Graduate, 5 Reasons Your Resume is Failing in Your Search for Jobs

A recent graduate searching for jobs may be hurting his or her chances of employment by making these five mistakes found in an infographic in the following post.

As outdated as they may seem, your resume – in most cases – is what helps a recruiter or hiring manager decide to offer you a job interview, or not. And being a cynical bunch, many of those recruiters – instead of looking for a reason to hire you – are


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Posted November 06, 2013 by

Applying for Recent Graduate Jobs? Avoid These 10 Resume Cliches

If you don’t want recruiters and employers to dismiss your resume when applying for recent graduate jobs, avoid using the 10 resume cliches in the following post.

Know the trouble with most resumes? To a recruiter, they sound just like every other resume. This is no one’s fault… because that is how most of us are taught to write resumes. Sure it sounds good to us; after all, we don’t read 100+ resumes a day. To those who do – those

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