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Posted August 13, 2014 by

Considering Getting a New Entry Level Job? 12 Things to Know First

Before accepting an entry level job, consider 12 things from an infographic in the following post that you should know first.

In a recent survey, 85% of workers said they are open to the idea of changing jobs. And a great many of them aren’t considering leaving for better opportunities, but to escape their current less-than-desirable working environment. So what will be different for these unhappy careerists next time? How can

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Posted February 05, 2010 by

Resume Builder and Your Job Search

If you’re in the process of applying for jobs, using a resume builder could greatly help your chances of finding that perfect position.
Resumes are one of the most important parts of the job searching process. They’re usually the first thing a hiring manager will see, meaning they help garner a first impression of you.
Perhaps most importantly, having a good resume can be the difference between whether or not you get your foot in the door for an interview. Therefore, anyone on a job search should do everything in their power to create the best possible resume.
One way to do this is by using a resume builder, and one of the best resume builders out there is JResume. If you already have a resume written up, JResume allows you to either copy and paste that resume or upload it as a PDF file. Or you can build your entire resume by using the service.
JResume offers a variety of design templates that allow you to experiment and find the style that best matches your resume. There also is an advanced builder you can use to create your resume.
Once you’ve built your resume, JResume creates a free public Web site and public resume, at, to allow for others to easily access your resume. JResume also will automatically submit your site to all the major search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo.
If you prefer that your resume remain private, you can create a password to protect it. You can choose the level at which your resume is accessible, as it can be searchable, confidential or hidden from individual employers.
In addition, JResume allows you to quickly e-mail your resume to recruiters or hiring managers. You also can download your resume in multiple formats, including Word, PDF, HTML or text.
One of the best things about JResume is that it’s free for job seekers. So, if you want to offer employers the best resume possible, consider using a resume builder such as JResume.
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